· December, 2006

Stories about Film from December, 2006

Jamaica: Perry Henzell's Legacy

  4 December 2006

As the Flashpoint Film Festival opens in Negril, Jamaican View remembers Perry Henzell, the late director of “The Harder They Come”, a Caribbean film classic.

China: film rating

  4 December 2006

Joel Martinsen at DANWEI has translates an article from Southern Weekly about Ng See-Yuen's comments on ratings, regulations, and entertainment in the mainland Chinese film industry.

Brunei: Singapore Dreaming

  3 December 2006

World of Pablo, once a Singapore resident reviews the latest Singapore made movie Singapore Dreaming. “The most important lesson that I learnt from the movie is how we live our life in struggling to meet the expectations of family and society. In Singapore, the expectations are basically the 5 Cs…....

Ukraine: No Borat

  1 December 2006

“The glorious expat community in Kyiv is wearing their sad faces,” writes Carpetblogger: neither pirated, nor licensed Borat DVDs are to be found in Ukraine's capital.

Serbia: Chinese Film Banned

  1 December 2006

“Just minutes before the movie Summer Palace (Serbian: Letnja Palata) […] rolled, Serbian authories came to the rescue and pulled the movie off the Festival because apparently China threatened to freeze all diplomatic activities with Serbia if the movie is shown,” reports Belgrade 2.0.

Argentina: Cinema: Fabián Bielinsky 1959-2006

  1 December 2006

Argentine illustrator Roberto Bobrow explains his prolonged absence from the blogosphere: “Fabián is (I refuse to use the past tense) my younger cousin, the son of the younger sister of my mother. He is also considered the best Argentinean moviemaker in many years. With just two movies (written and directed)...