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· December, 2009

Stories about Ethnicity & Race from December, 2009

Overcoming negative stereotypes in the South Caucasus

An online project using new and social media to overcome negative stereotypes in the South Caucasus entered a second stage last week when two blogging Azerbaijani journalism students and a...

Poland, China: Lack of Response to Akmal Shaikh's Case

Azerbaijan: Standing in line

Slovakia: Coal That Does Not Burn

Tibor Blazko writes about Slovaks being fooled into buying coal from Poland that does not burn, but not taking legal action to fight fraud, and translates a few comments that...

Pakistan: Debunking Myths About Shias

Moldova: Public Menorah Crushed in Chisinau

Israel: A Day of Bedouin Hospitality

Israel: National Policy Needed for Foreign Workers

Poland: Language and Identity Abroad

Romania: Hungarian Minority Politics

Russia: “Cyber-Tatars”

Israel: Separate But Equal?

Israel: Unwelcome Visitors in Jaffa's Ajami Mosque

Poland: ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ Sign Stolen from Auschwitz

Last Friday morning, the sign ‘Arbeit Macht Frei‘ ('Work Sets You Free') was stolen from the gate of former Nazi death camp in Auschwitz, near Krakow. The theft caused many...

Qatar: Critiques bristle; calls to shut down popular online forum

A series of scathing posts on Qatar Living, an popular online forum, prompts locals to call for site's demise. Campaign not against all expats, says founder of anti-QL Facebook group.

No Indians Allowed

Azerbaijan: Education, free thought and development

Armenia: Embracing multiculturalism

Philippines: Learning Hiligaynon

Egypt: Synagogue Gone … Synagone

Bloggers and online activists in Egypt are calling for saving an old synagogue, currently used as an office for the National Democratic Party - the country's ruling party. Marwa Rakha...

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