· May, 2010

Stories about Environment from May, 2010

Brazil: Ants Protest Insecticide

  18 May 2010

Ants protest is an artistic video made and posted by attaspp in Vimeo and features a group of ants carrying placards reading “Stop the killing” and crossed out Baygon logos, the brand name for an insecticide. Wish to know how it was done? The Brazilian director has also posted a...

Global: The Green Wave 2010

  17 May 2010

Esse tal Meio Ambiente blogs [pt] on The Green Wave Campaign 2010, to take place on May 21-22 in parallel with the International Day for Biodiversity. The multi-year global campaign promotes the discussion of biodiversity by children and youth and the planting of trees.

Sri Lanka: Drainage Problem In Colombo

  16 May 2010

Kanishka Ratnapriya at GroundViews posts some pictures showing the inundations in different parts of Colombo after two hours of rain, and questions the faulty drainage system of the capital of Sri Lanka.

Jamaica, U.S.A.: When Will It End?

  13 May 2010

Jamaican diaspora blogger Labrish is trying to reconcile the recent Gulf oil spill, but maintains: “In this latest Big-Oil-Screw-Up, we have no idea how long this hemorrhaging is going to last.”

Ghana: What happens when lights go off in Accra?

  11 May 2010

What happens when lights go off in Accra?: “Even when you have alternative arrangements to obtaining power, the point is not lost on you on the astronomical amounts you expend to get your fridge and other electrical gadgets working through a generator.”

Uganda: Mapping water sources

  8 May 2010

Tom Loughran blogs about mapping water sources in Uganda: “Each of the points on the map contains the results of a proof-of-concept water quality test, and a hyperlink to images and additional information about the water source…The location and water quality data are entered into a Google form embedded in...