· November, 2009

Stories about Environment from November, 2009

Barbados: Mini Monaco?

  19 November 2009

Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground question the vision of the island being transformed into another Monaco.

Bangladesh: Brahmaputra River Is Threatened

  18 November 2009

RealTime Bangladesh blog reports that a dam in Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) in China will divert 200 billion cubic meters of waters to the Yellow River. This will spell disaster for the Tibetan plateau and the lower riparian countries, India’s North East and Bangladesh as Brahmaputra river and its branches like...

India: Much Ado about Copenhagen Meet On Climate Change

  18 November 2009

Roger Alexander opines that “in the course of his current trip to Asia, US President Barack Obama has ensured that the upcoming United Nations Climate Conference, due to take place in Copenhagen December 7-18, will be nothing more than a talk shop.”

Suriname: Welcome to the Jungle

  17 November 2009

For Paramaribo SPAN, Christopher Cozier visits artist Daniel Djojoatmo, whose work “discuss[es] the predicament of certain narratives of development which are, at their inception, ill-fated and at the disposal of the jungle.”

Dominica: Billboards Galore

  17 November 2009

“There are rules. Unfortunately the guardians of those rules are afraid of their paymasters, and the other service providers have no respect for them”: Caribbean Man takes issue with illegal billboards in Dominica.

CEE: Recycling & Bicycles, Energy Consumption, and More

  16 November 2009

At Th!nk About It, a climate change blogging competition, Adela reports on the construction of a highway in Romania, which will go through a national park, endangering “the only virgin forest on our good old continent”, and also writes about the Recicleta project in Bucharest, and one Romanian man's roof...

Trinidad & Tobago: Art or Ego?

  13 November 2009

“One thing that seems to me to distinguish good governance from bad is an understanding that cities and countries are built on communities, not on buildings”: Club Soda and Salt comments on Trinidad and Tobago's “latest white elephant”.

India: Climate Change And The Role Of Government

  11 November 2009

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) volunteer Nicola Macnaughton opines that the Indian government’s lack of involvement in tackling climate changes “raises serious concerns about equity, justice, and human rights in a country which is widely acknowledged as the world’s ‘largest democracy’.”