· April, 2006

Stories about Elections from April, 2006

Belarus: Last Week's Review

  17 April 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog writes about the release of opposition politician Mikhail Marynich. Andrei Khrapavitski reports on protesters in Minsk demanding the release of the former presidential candidate Aleksandr Kozulin. br23 blog links to pictures and posts a report from a flash mob that gathered in Prague to protest awarding “second-rate...

Peru: Vote Counting Continues

  17 April 2006

As the expatriate vote continues to be counted, the margin of Alan Garcia's small second place lead over Lourdes Flores is narrowing. Un lobo en Perú has the latest numbers with over 90% of the votes counted. On Peru Election 2006, Jorge Bazo Escudero says that the influence of the...

DRC: More UDPS Revelations

  17 April 2006

UDPS Spokesman Valentin Mubake was on Congolese TV again. Blogger Tony Katombe explains (FR) that Mubake unveiled attempts by electoral commission head Rev. Malu-Malu to act as a demographer by deflating population numbers in regions where UDPS is popular. In Katombe's words, Mubake also charged that international community officials in...

Africa: European Double Standards on Corruption

  16 April 2006

While the EU prepares to impose sanctions on Bielorussian authorities who allegedly committed election fraud, says (FR) Generation Consciente, “numerous African dictators [who commit election fraud…] consistently visit Europe without difficulty while freely managing their personal affairs[…].”

Chad: French Military Presence Worries Blogger

  15 April 2006

French troops killed 60 unarmed civilians in Ivory Coast 4 years ago alleging self-defense, writes (FR) Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique in a skeptical tone. In light of these events the blogger wonders what will come of the recent influx of french troops in Chad, 3 weeks to elections. “What...

South Korea: Blogging community

  14 April 2006

The Korean Liberator welcomes an addition to its blogroll: “Chapter 15 is an excellent new blog that follows Korea, the United Nations, and human rights. If you really want to see how [South Korean] Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon's run for U.N. General Secretary is going, this is the place.” Up...

Peru: Elections and Easter

  14 April 2006

Un lobo en Perú says that the nail-biting countdown to see who will face Ollanta Humala in the second round of presidential elections will take a back-seat as Peruvians celebrate Easter Weekend. Also mentioned are election irregularities seen in Miami and calls by members of Alan Garcia's party to annul...

Cameroon: Deputy Convicted of Murder

  14 April 2006

Doh Gawanyim III, deputy to the National Assembly, was convicted of murdering John Kohtem, a district-chairman of opposition party SDF, following a dispute between the two over whether Doh Gawanyim was blocking voter registration in their district, says (FR) Fojrega.

Nepal: Political Developments

  13 April 2006

Bahas comments on Nepal's move from Monarchy to democracy - “King Gyanendra has called upon all political parties to join in a dialogue, which the King has always advocated, to bear the responsibility of and contribute towards activating the multiparty democratic polity.”

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

It had been a relatively quiet week in the Saudi blogosphere this week. However, several good posts can be found by bloggers from inside the country, and also by those who live abroad. So, let's get it started… A new community website for Saudi bloggers has been causing much controversy,...

DRC: Legal Void after June 30

  13 April 2006

Transitional institutions stop being constitutional after June 30, 2006, writes (FR) blogger Mafelly-Makombo at Prince du Fleuve du Congo. He suggests that if elections should take place past that date, all of Congolese civil society including political parties and religious groups aided by the international community should be called on...

Latvia: Aivars Lembergs

  13 April 2006

Bob Granico of Publius Pundit highlights the persona of Aivars Lembergs and his political background and aspirations: mayor of a Latvian port city Ventspils for 18 (!) years, he is sometimes likened to Aleksandr Lukashenko, but is actually very popular with the residents of the city he's managed to keep...

DRC: UDPS Says It Is Not Dead

  13 April 2006

Etienne Tshisekedi's political career is not dead and UDPS has not imploded, says (FR) UDPS Liege. “UDPS has become a spirit and conscience spread among the people. […] UDPS will never die” writes the blog which also reminds readers that the electoral commission stayed open until midnight on the last...

Peru: Fighting for Second Place

  12 April 2006

A.M. Mora y Leon hopes that the vote from abroad will carry conservative candidate Lourdes Flores into the second round of presidential elections. Enrique Mendizabal (ES) says that it would be difficult, but possible. In a comment, Giovann Alarcón says that he is doubtful of Flores’ chances.

DRC: Is Tshisekedi an Extremist?

  12 April 2006

Over at Le Blog du Congolais, Ben-Clet analyzes (FR) the “180 degree turn” in the international image of UDPS leader Etienne Tshisekedi from sympathetic Mobutu opponent in the 90s to modern-day extremist. Among factors, Ben-Clet cites the fall of the Berlin wall, the fact that Congolese national interests often clash...

DRC: Kabila Resigns from Army

  12 April 2006

Renouveau Congolais deplores (FR) the fact that interim president Joseph Kabila signed the decree that accepts his resignation from the DRC's army … himself: “How can the one resigning sign his won resignation? Only a PPRD member can accept such a thing.”

Peru's First Round Elections

  11 April 2006

“Ubique Su Mesa” (Find Your Polling Place) by Patrice. With about 85% percent of the votes counted, the fate of Peru's second round presidential elections depends largely on the narrow (and narrowing) race between moderate leftist Alan García and pro-business candidate Lourdes Flores who currently trails García by only one...