· May, 2011

Stories about Elections from May, 2011

Russia: New Online Electoral Statistics Database Launched

Russian domestic election monitoring group Golos.org has launched an on-line database of electoral statistics stat.golos.org [ru] that contains official data from more than 36 thousand elections of different levels held in Russia since 2003. Golos members noted [ru] that the database greatly eases the access to Russian electoral statistics.

Postscript to Singapore Elections

  9 May 2011

Singaporeans trooped to the polls last Saturday and re-elected the ruling party which has been in power since 1959. But the opposition also scored some important victories and this generated a lot of reactions in the local blogosphere.

Palestine: Demonstrations Against Occupation, For Unity

In the last several years, West Bank Palestinian villages have seen their land claimed both by Jewish settlements in the West Bank and by the security wall erected by Israel. In villages such as Nabi Saleh, Bi'lin and Ni'lin, village residents have responded by holding weekly nonviolent protests. The week after Hamas and Fatah inked their unity agreement was no exception.

Guatemala: Rigoberta Menchú to Run for President

  4 May 2011

Nobel Peace Prize and indigenous activist Rigoberta Menchú will be nominated as the Frente Amplio de Izquierda presidential candidate, according to recent reports [es]. Mike in Central American Politics thinks that “even with the rejuvenated Guatemalan left, it's unlikely that Manchu (or any other left candidate) will impact the outcome of...

Costa Rica: Historical Firsts in May Day Crisis of Headless Congress

  4 May 2011

On the first of May, for the first time since 1949, the Costa Rican congress was unable to elect new representatives to lead them. And also for the first time in 75 years, because of the headless congress, President Laura Chinchilla was unable to give her yearly review in the May Day speech. Bloggers explain how the situation arose.

Bermuda: Paying for Past Policies

  4 May 2011

“The Bermuda Government should be sitting on several hundred million dollars of surpluses…instead we're incurring expensive debt which could take more than 10 years to retire”: Bermudian bloggers think the economic and social forecast looks grim.

South Korea: Surprising Election, as Twitter Draws Youth to Polls

  2 May 2011

South Korea's ruling Grand National Party suffered a crushing defeat in by-elections on April 27, demonstrating a widespread yearning for change, and to many also heralding the power of Twitter in the political landscape. Many young voters uploaded photos from the polls to prove they have cast a ballot and encourage others to vote.

Singapore: Social Media, Youth, and Elections

  1 May 2011

Singapore’s youth sector will be a significant source of votes in next week's General Elections. This explains why political parties are also looking to social media to win more votes. Bloggers discuss the role of the youth in influencing the election results