· April, 2011

Stories about Elections from April, 2011

Nigeria: #PlessYaHand and #NigeriaDecides Trending

  16 April 2011

Voting in Nigeria’s presidential election has begun. The election was postponed from 9 April, 2011. The main candidates are the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan and Muhamadu Buhari. #PlessYaHand and #NigeriaDecides are currently trending in Nigeria's Twittersphere.

Macedonia: Fast-Track Lawmaking, Privacy Alert

  14 April 2011

The Macedonian Parliament disbanded itself today, as part of the process of preparation for the June elections. The ruling majority used the previous period to rubber-stamp a huge number of draft-laws submitted by the government, including a new attempt to legalize unconstitutional police surveillance.

Peru: Reactions Following the First 2011 Electoral Round

  12 April 2011

After celebrating the elections in Peru, the results indicate a second round between Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori. Bloggers, candidates, and analysts coincide that the result is principally a "vote of punishment" for the economic policies managed by governments in recent years, that have fomented growth and created a new economic prosperity that does not reach everyone.

Guatemala: The Women Running for President

  12 April 2011

Mike in Central American Politics writes about the women running for president in Guatemala, and argues that “Guatemala is almost guaranteed to have a woman occupy the presidency or vice presidency after September's election.”

Haiti: Relevance of Lavalas

  11 April 2011

In the context of Haiti's recent elections, Toussaint on Haiti considers Fanmi Lavalas‘ political future: “The answer is not to cancel the last elections to have new elections that include FL. The worst thing that FL can do is continue with the same arguments of the last 24 years. If...

Mexico: Bloggers Reflect on Elections in Peru

  11 April 2011

Tim Johnson in Mexico Unmasked and Richard Grabman in The Mex Files look at Peru's elections on Sunday, April 10 and compare them to the political climate in Mexico as the country prepares for the 2012 presidential and legislative elections.

Peru Prepares for the 2011 Presidential Elections

  9 April 2011

On Sunday, April 10, more than 17 million Peruvians will elect the President for 2011-2016, along with 130 congress members (members of the Parliament). The campaign has been long, multifarious, controversial and harshly disputed. Peruvians have turned to blogs, Twitter and Facebook to share their opinions about the candidates and the campaign.

Singapore: Open letter to Opposition parties

  8 April 2011

Blogger Live.Life from Singapore writes an open letter to Opposition parties which will participate in this year's elections: “To win our hearts you have to offer concrete programs and ways to better Singaporeans’ lives.”

Nigeria: Will Technology Impact 2011 Elections?

  7 April 2011

Nigerians will go to the polls on 16 April 2011 to elect their new president. The election was postponed from 9 April 2011 because of organizational difficulties. In this post we are looking at how Nigerians are using technology to enhance electoral transparency, political participation and good governance.

Malaysia: State Election Brings Another Sex Scandal

  7 April 2011

The Sarawak state election this April will have a big impact on Malaysia's national politics. Will the opposition finally defeat Sarawak's longest serving chief minister? Meanwhile, an alleged sex video tape of an opposition leader has been exposed a few weeks before the election.

Haiti: “Sweet Micky”‘s Mandate

  6 April 2011

Dying in Haiti puts forward the new president's mathematical mandate, saying: “His opportunity to do good for Haiti is huge. It would be great if he would deliver on just one of his big promises above. It would be great to be pleasantly surprised.”

Haiti: Martelly Declared Election Winner

  5 April 2011

Bloggers are reporting that Michel Martelly has emerged victorious in the recent run-off election to become Haiti's next president; Throwing Down the Water, meanwhile, is unhappy with the Miami Herald's early declaration of the winner: “I don't appreciate news agencies interfering with Haiti's attempt to actually hold a legitimate run-off...