· July, 2010

Stories about Elections from July, 2010

Russia: New Election Codex Project Discussed Online

Last month, a Russian non-governmental election-monitoring organization, Golos (A Voice), published an alternative Election Codex on the internet, that is designed to provide free, fair and transparent elections in Russia. It is one of a few recent examples of publicly developed draft bills that are promoted online.

Nigeria: Who changed the President's mind— Facebook or FIFA?

  9 July 2010

After receiving hundreds of comments on his Facebook page, Nigeria's President reversed a controversial suspension of the country's national football team. But was the President's change of heart really a response to citizens voicing their frustration on Facebook? Or because of pressure from international football's powerful governing body?

Trinidad & Tobago: Undeserving?

  9 July 2010

“The Trinidad Guardian editorial paid tribute to the Elections and Boundaries Commission of T&T…and went as far as recommending they be considered as ‘… potential recipients for this nation’s highest Independence Day award…'”: KnowTnT.com‘s Edmund Gall disagrees.

Somaliland: Elections in Hargeisa

  9 July 2010

Doreen blogs from Hargeisa, the unofficial capital of Somaliland: “There are swathes of colour everywhere, from the hotel lobby to the streets to the market place to the campaign trail.”

Iraq: Emperor Nero is in Baghdad

Emperor Nero is in Baghdad, writes IraqPundit. “The politicians are still arguing four months after the elections. They are supposed to seat a government by next week, but nobody here believes they can get it together by then,” he adds.

Announcing Round Two of the Technology for Transparency Network

Transparency International's 2009 Global Corruption Barometer found that citizens around the world are increasingly worried about corruption in both the public and private sectors. People are often hesitant to speak out against corruption, and see traditional complaint mechanisms as ineffective. A growing number of citizens, however, are beginning to use...

Russia: Twitter talk of town

Svetlana Gladkova of Profy discusses whether a Novosibirsk politician and twitterer @sapelkin has had his Twitter account suspended for political reasons, account abuse or as an election campaign PR-stunt.

Trinidad & Tobago: More Than She Can Chew?

  2 July 2010

Plain Talk is unhappy with the recent actions of T&T's new Attorney General, as well as the Prime Minister's decision to appoint Jack Warner as Acting PM: “One cannot help but notice that the People's Partnership is failing at the task of Governance…has Kamla found out to her and the...

Uganda: Election dates set

  1 July 2010

Conserve Uganda writes about election dates: “Nominations for President will be accepted on October 25 and 26, 2010, and the elections for President and Parliament will all happen between February 12 and March 1, 2011.”

Kyrgyzstan: Lying Satellites and Political Course

Nathan Hamm opines on the political situation in Kyrgyzstan, which has conducted constitutional referendum last Sunday. “Voters cast their ballots for peace and stability”, and legitimization of interim government shall become a first step to settling the enormous list of issues.