· April, 2010

Stories about Elections from April, 2010

Sudan: On buying and selling of votes

  20 April 2010

Hafiz discusses corruption in Sudan Elections 2010: “There is one very important issue which has not been raised by anyone, as I have listened to all reports from the election observers , until now , that is the buying and selling of votes and loyalty.”

Uganda: Can the opposition defeat Museveni in 2011?

  20 April 2010

Can Uganda's opposition defeat Museveni in 2011?, asks Rosebell Kagumire: “As Uganda heads into general elections early next year, what can especially the opposition learn from one of the greatest propagandist, USSR’s Vladimir Lenin? At the beginning of the 20th century, Lenin, while organising in the Soviet Union on his...

Trinidad & Tobago: Discussing the Issues

  19 April 2010

“Someone, please, show me a platform and make the platform for a political party the center of discussion. Let us discuss issues. Let us discuss the future”: KnowTnT.com wants something to vote for.

Senegal: Growth of Citizen Movements

  18 April 2010

Yakhya Massaly wonders whether the rapid growth  of citizen movements is due to the failure of political parties or a genuine need for citizen participation as advocated by famed musician Youssou Ndour (fr).

Sudan: Women's Votes

  17 April 2010

Alex de Waal discusses wome's votes in Sudan: “Without doubt, the statistics of Sudan’s elections will be pored over and debated at length, and the interpretation of every figure will be open to dispute. But there seems to be one consistent feature across the country. Women were the majority of...

Sudan: Elections and its implications for Darfur

  17 April 2010

Enough Team discusses the implications of Sudan's elections for Darfur: “The results of Sudan’s elections will have a large impact on the many challenges still standing between the country and peace. Outstanding provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (the treaty that ended the North-South civil war) and questions relating to...

Sudan Elections 2010: The good, the bad and the ugly

  15 April 2010

On April 11, 2010 citizens in Sudan went to the polls for the first time in 24 years. A whole generation that was born, raised, educated and graduated under one totalitarian government rule has been able to cast their vote. Please join Mahdi, our new Sudanese author, in finding out what is happening in the country from bloggers in Sudan and the Diaspora.

Sri Lanka: A Predictable Election

  15 April 2010

On 8th of April Sri Lankan voters went to vote to elect 225 representatives in the parliament to form a new government. The election saw a low turnout and was marred with violence. Sri Lankan bloggers analyzes the result and question the election process.

Trinidad & Tobago: LGBT Rights

  13 April 2010

“Thousands of GLBT voters will be participating in the upcoming general election”: Trinidad and Tobago's gspottt wants “a responsible government that is going to protect and take care of all its people, and not leave some behind, regardless of which party or coalition wins at the polls.”

Sudan: SuDEMOP concerned about elections

  13 April 2010

A press release from the Sudan Domestic Election Monitoring and Observation Programme (SuDEMOP): “…we are expressly concerned about the myriad logistical, procedural and administrative constrains that caused serious delays in the setting up, the opening of polling centers and the beginning of voting.”

Sudan: Alex de Waal on election in Sudan

  13 April 2010

Alex de Waal writes about elections in Sudan from Khartoum: “Today the questions are, did the ballots arrive in time? Were all the names on the electoral roll? What was the voter turnout?Quietly, with dignity, with apprehension and sometimes with confusion and frustration, millions of Sudanese are voting. Good for...

Sri Lanka: A Blogger Elected As An MP

  12 April 2010

Ajith P. Perrera, a leader of the UNP party from Bandaragama, Sri Lanka and a prolific blogger has been elected as a member of parliament in the recently concluded general elections in Sri Lanka. Mr. Perrera thanks his readers for their support and is pleased to be the first blogger...

Sudan Votes After 24 Years

  12 April 2010

Presidential and parliamentary elections are currently taking place to elect the President of Sudan and members of the National Assembly. The last time elections were held in Sudan was 24 years ago.