· February, 2007

Stories about Elections from February, 2007

Lesotho: a prayer for Lesotho

  18 February 2007

Rethabile writes a prayer for Lesotho where counting of votes is underway following the general election on Saturday: “Dear Deity… now what? This country of about 2 million people, independent since 1966 from England, with a 30 to 35% rate of HIV infection, one nation with one language and one...

Kenya: political dynasties

  18 February 2007

A blog dedicated to the 2007 general election in Kenya, A Political Kenya in 2007, has a post about Kenya's political dynasties, “Political dynasties have become a fairly permanent feature in Kenyan politics and this year’s election is not without its long list of members of the same family seeking...

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  18 February 2007

We start off with a very special goodbye from Brian Anthony… Brian has lived, taught, and blogged from Damascus for more than two years, he returned to the US a couple of months ago… We all want to wish him the best of luck. This was his last goodbye post...

Armenia: Prosperous Armenia

  16 February 2007

CRD/TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 reports on Gagik Tsarukian’s Prosperous Armenia part. Tsarukian's party is popular with the poor for its charity, which critics label vote buying.

Senegal: Candidates Should Declare Assets

  14 February 2007

Blog Politique du Sénégal writes(Fr):”Ïnstead of telling us for the umpteenth time that they believe in ethics and morals … [candidates] should declare their assets. The law doesn't require it but who made the laws?… After all no one is forcing them to run for the highest office! ”

Bangladesh: Responding to the Doc

  13 February 2007

Dr Yunus's open letter gets some responses. “There should be a “bi-cameral house” in the legislative body, like that of India or UK but with slightly a different model. There should be a lower house and an upper house in the Jatiyo Sangsad.”

Armenia: Election Blogging

  13 February 2007

Mary Joyce writes about her excitment about the Election Blogging Guide coming to Armenia and the importance of blogging. In the comments, Zarcha translates the post into Armenian.

Bangladesh: Can the power of one save the nation?

  12 February 2007

The hottest topic in Bangladesh now is that the Nobel Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus has expressed his intention to start a political party and run for the next election. In an open letter he has asked the people to provide their support and feedback to him and suggest how he...

Arabisc: Jordanian MPs Having a Ball!

  12 February 2007

Jordanian blogger Batir Wardam doesn't mince his words when he says that Jordan's Members of Parliament are in for a great weekend. After all, for a few hours of work, they enjoy the perks of being amongst the highest paid civil servants in Jordan. سوف تكون نهاية اسبوع سعيدة للسادة...

Guadeloupe: Upcoming French Election Detached from Local Realities

  11 February 2007

Convention Pour Une Nouvelle Guadeloupe reacts (Fr) to French presidential candidates Segolene Royal and Nicola Sarkozy's presidential platforms. According to the blogger, neither candidate “really takes into account the real situation of Guadeloupe which by international law is a non autonomous territory whose identity [France] has not managed to suppress....

A Week Goes by in Kuwait

  10 February 2007

Kuwait enjoyed nice weather this week. A lot of people grasped the opportunity and went out camping in the desert. Engineeroo was no different. He joined the scores of people who erected tents and took with them their food and drinks to enjoy the beginning of spring. Not only this...

Armenia: Election Monitor

  9 February 2007

Onnik Krikorian posts his latest Armenian parliamentary election monitor at its new home, which will not only monitor online coverage of the election, but also occasionally produce its own original reporting and research.

Serbia: Forget Mladic, On to EU

  8 February 2007

Some people in the Balkans and the EU believe that “Serbia’s integration into the EU should be prioritized over the arrest of those most responsible for the worst atrocities committed in Europe since the Second World War,” writes Neretva River.

Bangladesh: Can Dr Yunus do it?

  8 February 2007

He may have won the Nobel, but could he win the Bangladeshi elections? Journal of a Disturbed Mind on Dr Yunus contesting the elections. “He may find 300 honest and competent candidates, but will he find even 150 popular candidates from different seats to win the next election. Very difficult,...

Hong Kong: not meeting pan-dem

  8 February 2007

Charles mok is one of the memeber in the Chief Executive election committee member, representing IT professional. He has nominated Alan Leong as a candidate. Today he revealed in his blog that Donald Tsang had arranged meeting will all the election committee members, except those who had nominated Leong.