· June, 2007

Stories about Elections from June, 2007

Egypt: Freedom of Worship, Blogs to the Press, Anti-torture Campaigns Continue and More

In this week’s round-up from the Egyptian blogosphere, I am highlighting freedom of worship from two blog posts by Big Pharaoh and Baha’i Faith in Egypt, how an Egyptian blogger has started covering blogs for a weekly newspaper in Egypt, how anti-torture campaigns by bloggers extend to one of Egypt’s coastal cities and finally a technological tip by Greendata blog for Facebook users.

Guatemala: An Open Internet – Anyone Can Blog

  26 June 2007

In the early 90s, the press was controlled, and only the privileged had access to the new internet phenomenon. Once the telecommunications industry was privatized, many more had access to the world wide web, and as a result many more people had the opportunity to blog. Political parties, watchdog groups, and even a member of an elite army unit now had the power to say what they wanted.

Morocco: GV Author Addresses Youth Conference

Morocco author Jillian York addressed a youth conference, organised by DABA, in conjunction with the National Democratic Institute's Morocco branch. The three-day event, which aimed at reevaluating political involvement in Morocco in the run-up to the 2007 legislative elections, also focused on building the capacity of young opinion leaders in citizen journalism skills, with an online emphasis in order to increase dialogue about issues of concern to youth.

Guatemala: Anti-Campaigns

  25 June 2007

Ximena Garcia of Say Something [ES] knows that election campaigns spend a lot of money, but hopes that much of that does not go into what she calls “anti-campaign” or negative campaigning.

Americas: Poll Numbers Roundup

  23 June 2007

Bloggings by Boz presents his latest installment of poll number roundups, which includes a new poll that finds that Costa Ricans would support the passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Bahamas: Election Over; Back to Work

  20 June 2007

“This country is facing some huge home-grown problems, together with a multitude of challenges presented by a rapidly-changing world.” Sir Arthur Foulkes, guest authoring at Bahama Pundit, thinks that it is time for the PLP to “get over their frustration and settle down to the job the people elected them...

Russia: Grigori Yavlinsky

No single candidate for Russia's “liberal opposition” – Mark MacKinnon reports on Grigori Yavlinsky's decision to run for president in 2008: “Can he really be this vain and out of touch with reality? […] A decent man, who might have been Russian president if the Russian people admired him even...