· March, 2007

Stories about Elections from March, 2007

Mauritania: Successful Election

  27 March 2007

The CRIDEM blog points to a press release by Ould Maouloud stating [Fr}: “The March 25, 2007 election happened in good conditions marked by transparency, civic duty, responsibility and serenity. The Mauritanian people and its democracy are only better for it… In this occasion, I want to pay homage to...

East Timor: Want a Native First Lady

  27 March 2007

Republika Banana wants Francisco Guterres “Lu Olo” to win the upcoming presidential elections in East Timor as the blogger wants a native first lady. The other candidates either have foreign wives or are unmarried. One of the other candidate has a East Timorese wife but she has not lived long...

Belarus: A Roundup

  26 March 2007

TOL's Belarus Blog covers these subjects: silly pretexts used to arrest opposition activists; the Constitution Day; Belarusian “market socialism“; some of the effects of the recent “gas war” with Russia.

Egypt: Bloggers Among Egyptian Demo Detainees

It is happening all over again..and may recur in a bigger way tomorrow (Monday March 26) as more Egyptians are threatening to take to the streets in protest against proposed amendments to the Constitution. Incidentally, a referendum on the amendments which are to be implemented tomorrow, which aim to –...

The Oldest Blogger in the Balkans

  25 March 2007

In the evening, Radmilo Ristic, a 74-year-old retired high school professor, likes to attend theater plays, gallery openings, literary nights, round-table discussions and other similar events that take place around Kragujevac, the city in Central Serbia. When Ristic comes back home, instead of the traditional paper and pen, his computer...

Kuwait: A Week Goes by

The Kuwaiti blogosphere has it all this week – from business developments to the opening of a new mall, the death of a bookshop and segregation at Kuwait University. Q, back at Kuwaitism, talks about the shift of business power and how other businesses around the Gulf region are acting....

Prosperous Armenia party everywhere!!!

  23 March 2007

As early as “@ 2007-03-21 09:07:00″ Narjan (ru) reported that the word “DOD” is charcoaled on the wall of presidential palace in Yerevan, which was promptly cleaned up (ru) to spoil the joy of the bloggers, who nevertheless appreciated the efficiency of cleaning works. Later on 22nd March via CRD...

Guatemala: Improving the Electoral Process Pedir más, para…

  23 March 2007

As political parties organize their campaigns for the presidential elections, Jose Zamora hopes for a much more serious electoral process than just catchy campaign songs, ubiquitous street banners, and empty stump speeches. “We should demand concrete plans of governance from all the candidates, plans which we can study and debate...

Hong Kong: local action and 318 rally

  22 March 2007

Thanks Roland for translating the details of Local Action rally in March 18 from Inmediahk.net. Indeed, there were no mainstream news report about the police abuse and the rationality of the rally.

Japan: Tokyo election and nationalism

  22 March 2007

James from Japan Probe blogs about the Tokyo governor candidates’ stand and debate on nationalism, in particular to the policy of coercing teachers to stand and sing the national anthem ‘Kimigayo’.

Egypt: Constitutional Amendments

In five days Egypt is scheduled to hold a national referendum on changes to its Constitution. Even veteran Egyptian opposition figures, well versed in the regime's authoritarian ways, have expressed shock at the choice of March 26 for the referendum, writes blogger Abu Aardvark (Marc Lynch). This is a travesty,...

Nigeria: dispute over presidential candidacy

  20 March 2007

The Head Heeb on the dispute over the Nigerian Vice-President candidacy, “The root cause of the controversy is Article 137 of the constitution, which prohibits any person indicted for fraud or embezzlement from running for president, as well as similar clauses disqualifying indicted persons from standing for the national assembly...