· January, 2007

Stories about Elections from January, 2007

Armenia: Election Monitor

  29 January 2007

Onnik Krikorian has a roundup of the latest news on Armenia's upcoming parliamentary election with a particular focus on efforts to provide transparency and to educate voters, something that blogger Zarchka is participating in herself.

Algeria: Advice to Arab-Americans

  26 January 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri urges Arab Americans to take a closer look at candidates running in next year's US Presidential race before they cast their votes. “Arab Americans face a political machinery, on both the Republican and Democratic sides of the street. Not only are Arabs and Muslims politically “dangerous” for...

Elections in Serbia

  25 January 2007

The first preliminary results of the Serbian parliamentary poll arrived less than an hour after the ballots closed at 20:00 on January 21. Some started celebration while members of the parties that got less than the required 5 percent of the votes burst into despair. The Democratic Party (whose slogan...

Ukraine: Two Years of Yushchenko's Presidency

  25 January 2007

Two years ago, Dan and Lesya McMinn of Orange Ukraine were among hundreds of thousands of people who came to Kyiv's Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) on Jan. 23 to listen to Victor Yushchenko's inaugural speech. As many others, they had to overcome quite a few obstacles to catch a glimpse...

Philippines: Election season begins

  24 January 2007

It’s already election season! Campaigning for midterm elections will begin next month. On May 14, Filipinos will vote for members of Senate, Lower House and local government units. The Administration hopes to keep its majority lead in the Lower House to block a possible impeachment case this year. The Opposition...

DRC: Post-Election Landscape

  17 January 2007

Le Blog du Congolais summarizes the post-election landscape as follows (Fr): “The general trend is to wait and see. People are giving the President the benefit of the doubt . He is far from making people secure so persistent is the question mark on his competence, his good faith, his...

Caught On Camera: Human Rights Videos on GV

  16 January 2007

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's been Saddam, Saddam, Saddam, in recent weeks, but GV has covered other human rights videos that deserve a bit of limelight – so, in this regular new feature, I'm going to round up the best of those recent stories. Something for WITNESS's Amazon Wishlist...

Bangladesh: State of emergency, bloggers as information source

  15 January 2007

Bangladesh witnessed some dramatic changes recently. Last Thursday night president Iajuddin Ahmed declared a state of emergency and resigned as the chief of the caretaker government, the prime demand of the opposition grand alliance. He also postponed the January 22nd election, the process of which was alleged as being engineered....

Cameroon: meaningful elections?

  12 January 2007

Blogging at the sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable, Evan Weinberger wonders whether Cameroon is about to have free and fair elections, “After two more seriously flawed presidential elections, the last in 2004, Cameroon is getting set for parliamentary elections later this year. Civic groups, led by the Catholic Church, have pushed for...

Nigeria: what politicians really mean

  12 January 2007

Ijebu Man plans to writes a series of posts on the 2007 Nigerian elections. Here is the first one: “Its Election time in Naija in a couple of weeks and our politicians are in overdrive. Naijas must be suffering from an overload of political bullshit as the politicians try to...

Croatia: Democracy for the Rich

  11 January 2007

Neretva River on democracy according to the Croatian government's spokesman: “…the poor should not be permitted to hold public office […], home ownership, possession of two cars and 50,000 Euros in a savings account should be a precondition for entering political life…”

Bangladesh: Christmas & Eid celebrations, cold days and heated up politics

  9 January 2007

Like any other country Christmas was celebrated in Bangladesh with much enthusiasm. Tom of Bangladesh Barta shares his experience of celebrating Christmas in Bangladesh. Being a majority Muslim country should Christmas remain a minority festivity in Bangladesh? Sadiq of Inspirations and Creative Thoughts compiles some historical facts and lessons which...

Armenia: Potatoes for Votes

  8 January 2007

The latest Armenian Parliamentary Election Monitory at Oneworld Multimedia rounds up the latest election news with a large section devoted to Gagik Tsarukian, who is now making headlines not for losing tons of money or gunfights involving his hired muscle, but for giving out potatoes to buy votes.