· June, 2006

Stories about Elections from June, 2006

Venezuela: “A bad day for Venezuelan democracy”

  29 June 2006

Both Miguel Octavio and Daniel Duquenal are disheartened by opposition electoral NGO, Sumate's decision to forego primary elections. Duquenal says that “the electoral trickery of chavismo is so blatant that it seems impossible to have a free and fair election in December,” however, Oil Wars disagrees, describing the opposition as...

Taiwan: Chen corruption scandal

  29 June 2006

“Is President Chen [Shui-bian] implicated in any of the scandals that have surrounded him lately?” asks Politics From Taiwan blogger David. “Who knows. However, it's encouraging to see that there are real investigations going on into these cases…”

Nepal : Democracy Textbook

  28 June 2006

Nepali Netbook: A Dahlian Wave of Democracy? “The mechanics of Marxist-Maoist prose could not always be distilled into vernacular appealing enough to become part of the general political conversation Nepalese villagers are famous for.”

Thailand: Thai Politics

  28 June 2006

Thai Politiks talks about the recent happening in Thai politics. Some political parties are facing disbandment because of election violations. The bloggers asks ” If the major parties are disbanded, there would obviously be almost impossible to have the general election in October as set by the Election Commission. So...

Mexico: Un Poco de Todo

  27 June 2006

Ana Maria Salazar Slack runs through Mexico's big three stories: the status of negotiations between Oaxacan teachers and the Ministry of the Interior, union strikes by minors, and the campaign trail with less than one week till elections. From Pachuca, Mexico Votes 2006 describes an Institutional Revolutionary Party campaign event.

Syria: Authoritarianism

Syrian comment on the cultural inclination which was cited by a study that claims that there is no anti-democratic attitude within the Mideast cultures. Syrian said: “While its true that an individual may not object to a democratic form of government does not explain his acceptance of the alternative. Syrians...

UN Human Rights Council & Presidential Election

Several bloggers wrote about the presence of Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran chief prosecutor, in the Iranian delegation to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. A few bloggers tried to find out why Iranian government sent such a representative with a very poor human rights record. Some other bloggers try to...

Latest in French-Speaking African and Indian Ocean Blogs

  25 June 2006

PAN-AFRICAN Homosexuality in Africa Not a Myth France-based Togolese blogger Kangni Alem reflects on a homophobic movement in Cameroon that sees homosexuality as a suspect new “religion” and concludes: Evidence des temps, l’homosexualité ne peut plus être perçue comme un mythe en Afrique. même moi je l’ai cru longtemps, jusqu’au...

Barbados: The election will be wired

  23 June 2006

Citing a Wired article about Rupert Murdoch and Barbados’ status as one of the Caribbean territories with the highest internet penetration, Barbados Free Press predicts that “the internet, citizen journalism, online networking and the Barbados Free Press” will play a key role in the country's upcoming general election.

Russia: Butovo Land Dispute

The recent land dispute between Moscow city authorities and residents of Butovo, a suburb just outside the capital's beltway (MKAD), included such dramatic elements as a tent camp, bulldozers and riot police. Ilya Yashin (LJ user yashin), leader of the youth wing of the Russian social-liberal party Yabloko, writes about...

Ukraine: “Long Life to the Government”

Scott W. Clark and LEvko of Foreign Notes comment on the creation of the Orange Coalition in Ukraine – at last, three months after the election: the government is (almost) there, Tymoshenko is the premier (again), and she's already making statements about the gas situation. Matt Jay of Publius Pundit...

Ukraine: Coalition Combinations

LEvko and Scott W. Clark of Foreign Notes are discussing possible Ukrainian parliamentary coalition combinations. LEvko also provides a flashback that shows how the partnership that seems likely now would have been impossible just a few years ago.

Slovakia: Coalition Combinations

Lemuel of Deleted By Tomorrow is upset about the results of the election and discusses the most likely coalition combinations. Doug Muir of A Fistful of Euros looks at the results and makes coalition forecasts as well.

Football & Presidential Election

Iran was defeated 2-0 by Portugal in World Cup and lost any hope to go to the next round. Iranian bloggers have shared their thoughts, feelings and photos about this game. Watching the game with the iron men Arash Ashoorinia, a leading photoblogger, watched the game with Hossein Rezazadeh (the...

Slovakia: Sunday's Election

Lemuel of Deleted by Tomorrow posts the final part of his series on the “the good, the bad, the ugly” of the Slovak politics, and also writes about being bored and depressed by the Sunday election: “when an ex-minister and an MP candidate for one of the minor parties killed...

DRC: UDPS Sends Delegations to its Diaspora Branches

  16 June 2006

UDPS Liege posts pictures of recent UDPS meetings involving party delegations from Kinshasa in Liege and Anvers, Belgium. It encourages (Fr) its worldwide members to mobilize for June 30, date of the official end of the UN-led transition: “The plumbing is leaking in the Congo and we have matches in...

Nepal: A democratic future

  15 June 2006

International Nepal Solidarity Network on ensuring a democratic future for Nepal. “Many organizations and individuals are collectively organizing a national conference entitled Citizens’ Initiatives for Future-2 on Asar 3-4, 2063 (June 17-18, 2006) at the premises of Tribhuvan University's central campus at Kirtipur. The main objective of this conference is...

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