· July, 2006

Stories about Education from July, 2006

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

Writing this post is not getting any easier, and this week is especially hard. I can even notice that I have been subconsciously avoiding it. The stories that Iraqi bloggers are telling this week are of sadness, horror, disappointment and general depression. If you are looking cheerful uplifting stories, don't...

Russia: Beslan Question to Putin

Marina Litvinovich (LJ user abstract2001, founder of the PravdaBeslana.ru site) has posted a link (RUS) to the 28 questions on Beslan, posed to Vladimir Putin by Russian internet users who hope the president will answer them during an online conference Thursday. Here's one question, translated from Russian: “Dear [Vladimir Vladimirovich]....

Belarus: 300 Polish Scholarships Not Enough

EM of TOL's Belarus Blog writes that 300 Belarusian students will receive scholarships to attend Polish universities this year, but – a lot more could (and should, according to the blogger) be done by the EU: “Why is it so hard to find an extra 100,000 Euros and actually provide...

Japan and Hong Kong: Free use logo

  4 July 2006

Ben Ng blogs about the free use practice and logo in Japan and hope that Hong Kong can take the experience from Japan to balance between intellectual property rights and sharing of knowledges (zh).

Cambodia: Aids Awareness

  4 July 2006

Cambodia is mobilising gay men to help raise awareness about AIDS. Cambodia has one of the highest infection rate in South East Asia. Vutha in Cambodia has more details.

Manila flip-flops on sex education

  4 July 2006

Education officials of the Philippines decided to pull-out modules on sex education after the powerful Catholic Church opposed the teaching of sex in schools.