· May, 2006

Stories about Education from May, 2006

The Pride of Cambodia: Young Generation

  13 May 2006

A 15-year-old Cambodian girl has recently made news headline, following a gold medal award won by a 16-year-old boy. Among 196 candidates from 36 countries, Mom Charya is the winner of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) held in Indonesia. The exams in the competition included theory, problem solving, and...

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Exam time

  11 May 2006

As high school students in St. Vincent gear up for the CXC exams and observe last-day traditions such as the signing of each other's school shirts, Abeni waxes nostalgic about her own school leaving. With employment at more than 20%, however, she finds it hard to feel optimistic about the...

China: Racism in education

  11 May 2006

The American Professor at OneManBandwith writes from the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on what he and many in China see as entrenched racism in educational institutions who seek to hire non-Chinese English teachers: “These Chinese schools that reject non-whites are cheating their students of international influences [and] will negatively...

Polish Blogosphere Update

Who says that in the blogosphere text is king? Photographers are alive and clicking in the Polish Blogosphere. Fotosia shows us everyday Poland through her camera. Staying with the visual arts, Polska*ポーランド*Poland provides a virtual tour of Warsaw parks, from a Japanese perspective (though I don't know what the perspective...

Open Africa project: MIT

  11 May 2006

Kenyan Pundit points to an MIT project “OpenCourseware” in partnership with Cameroon, Kenya, Zambia and Rwanda…The aim of this project, OpenAfrica, is to adopt innovative technologies that can bypass the educational challenges faced by sub-Saharan Africa.

India: The death of a student

  10 May 2006

What kind of pressure is created by the expectations of an educational institution and peers? Incognito on the recent events where a student committed suicide on the campus of Indian Institure of Technology Kanpur.

China: Universities fail review

  9 May 2006

The AngryChineseBlogger takes a very close look at a recently-released report which gives a very poor rating of the protection of intellectual property rights in four of China's top ten universities, adds an analysis of fiscal, socio-cultural and legal factors which might contribute to the problem, and ends with a...

Iran: Embargo & Scientists!

Habahoot Natamam, says recently scientific magazines (in the West) started to reject scientific articles written by Iranians (Persian). He adds articles are sent back by editor to writers without any scientific judgement. Blogger concludes maybe hidden embargo against Iran has already started.

Poland: High School Finals

Kinuk wishes good luck to the Polish students who are about to take their final exams: “Maturzysci, as the students taking the end-of-school exams (the equivalent of British A-levels) are called, still dress up to write their exams. Black trousers or black skirts for some, white shirt or blouse and...

Hong Kong: Supermarket food cleared

  8 May 2006

How much does it cost to raise a child in Hong Kong? No, how much does it really cost? Two sets of answers at Simon World, along with the refutation three weeks later of a food safety story one blogger suggested the downplaying of which would serve the interests of...

Iran: Books & Copyright

Kamangir says Tehran International Book Fair is one the most important events in a Tehrani student's life in the spring. Blogger adds even though, students get free coupons to pay almost half, buying an original book would be your last option. A thick technical book in Tehran is sold for...

Uganda: Makere University

  5 May 2006

Africa Unchained comments on the dwindling funds of tertiary institutions in Sub Saharan Africa which he says have reached crisis proportions….”The challenge is for institutions to formulate alternative sources of income so as to reduce their almost complete reliance on state funding. Makere University's successful Private Students Scheme implemented is...

We Media conference update

  4 May 2006

A quick post from London to let you know that one of the speakers here, Nitin Desai, the Special Assistant to the UN Secretary General, who chaired the UN’s Working Group on Internet Governance, will be taking part in a skype and IRC chat with the Global Voices community. We...

Venezuela: Debt Relief and Fartless Beans

  3 May 2006

Katy expresses her gratitude (sarcastically … I think) to Hugo Chavez for relieving the debts of former students who studied abroad during the early 90's. Afrael has a gas relaying the news (ES) that the “fartless bean” was invented in Venezuela in his post “Venezuela Keeps Innovating”: “only known for...

Aruba: No equal pay

  3 May 2006

ArubaGirl attends a seminar and learns that women in Aruba, while better educated than their male counterparts, on average earn US$275 month less than the latter. She also learns that the country has no law that mandates equal pay for equal work, and that introducing one is not on the...