· November, 2010

Stories about Education from November, 2010

Bangladesh: Where Is My Library?

  8 November 2010

“Where did all those libraries go, that our fathers used to go to?” questions Nayeem Hossain while discussing about the disappearing libraries in Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe: Racist grade 7 exam question

  3 November 2010

A strange grade 7 exam question in Zimbabwe: 15. Before Independence, blacks and whites failed to live together peacefully because: A. The whites had guns B. The blacks liked to strike C. The whites did not like blacks D. All the blacks wanted to live in towns

Azerbaijan: Defaced election posters

  3 November 2010

With the 7 November parliamentary election just four days away, Dadashov's Blog [AZ] posts a slideshow of images showing defaced election posters on one street in Baku, the Azerbaijani capital. The blog sarcastically notes that only the post of one candidate, the Rector of Baku State University running for the...

Southeast Asia: Interactive Sex Education Website

  2 November 2010

Established in July 2010 in Singapore, the website sexxie.tv is the world’s first and only sex education platform adopted by renowned doctors for interactive sex education. Unlike traditional sex education programs, sexxie.tv uses the online platform to reach its clients.

Macedonia: Campaign Against Homophobic Education

  1 November 2010

Coalition for Protection and Promotion of Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities started a blog campaign [MKD] against the homophobic content of the official curriculum. NGOs from this group demand removal of secondary school textbooks with outdated and discriminatory lessons, and establishing a mechanism of prevention of such abuse...

Georgia: Reflections on Teach and Learn

  1 November 2010

Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) is a project established by the Georgian government aiming to recruit 1,000 native English speakers willing to teach English at local schools. Many of the first intake of teachers have also started blogging their experience to date.