· August, 2010

Stories about Education from August, 2010

Brazil: Gay Kiss Prejudice

  16 August 2010

Rafael Ximenes writes [pt] about the controversy in a university within the state of Minas Gerais, where the promotion poster for the 3rd Congress on Public Policy / Social Services depicts two women kissing. The teacher who decided to use the image has been fired and the case ended up...

Vietnam: TedxSaigon 2010

  16 August 2010

TEDxSaigon is the first ever TEDx event licensed by TED in Vietnam. Themed “Dream, Diversity and Development”, the conference took place on August 15 focusing on development issues in Vietnam

China: GDP rising, public spending too?

  16 August 2010

We keep hearing that China's economy is still booming; has public spending increased in step? Private savings are staying in the bank, writes one blogger: from hospitals to schools to pensions for senior folks, China just doesn't compete.

Mozambique: Discussing Culture of Work in Africa

  15 August 2010

The statement that was made by the billionaire Mo Ibrahim, during his recent visit to Mozambique, saying that “Africans don't have a culture of work”, drew a response from Rui Guerra at blog Prestigío [pt]. Blog ma-schamba [pt] goes even further with a deep reflection on the way Mozambican people...

Serbia: Digital School Project

  6 August 2010

Danica Radovanovic writes about Digital School, a state-funded project that would allow to set up digital classrooms in Serbia's primary schools, and discusses some of the challenges that need to be addressed for the project to succeed.

Bangladesh: Visitors Share Their Thoughts On Grameen Ventures

  5 August 2010

This summer, eight students and faculty members from the Master of Public Administration program of the Northern Kentucky University in Kentucky, USA are completing an internship at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. They have made numerous field visits and are recording their experiences in their blogs using texts, pictures and videos.

Advocacy Video Toolkit Feedback

  5 August 2010

WITNESS is working on a Video Advocacy Toolkit and would like your input. With this information they would improve on the toolkits and make sure they cover most of the needs of people who work with or wish to work with video for advocacy purposes.

South Korea: Teenage Moms Quit Schools, Survey Shows

  5 August 2010

A survey shows most of teenage moms drop out of schools after got pregnant with babies, against their will to complete high school education. The Korean society started to address this largely ignored issue by taking a baby step forward by considering building state-run facilities and changing education law, South...

Uruguay: “Your Ideas Matter” Blog Competion for Schoolchildren

  3 August 2010

The 2010 version of the blog competition “Your Ideas Matter” is now open [es] and Uruguayan schoolchildren are eligible for the contest. There are special categories for blogs created by schoolchildren with the XO laptops that have been distributed to the country's children as part of the Ceibal Plan project.

Japan: JET Program in danger of being cut

  1 August 2010

Amidst cost-cutting pressure, the government-run JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Program is in danger of being cut. Many JET alumni are speaking up, such as Bahia, who explains how the program provides essential foreign exposure and helps improve English proficiency. The Jetwit site provides background details. The 23 year old...