· February, 2008

Stories about Education from February, 2008

India: The Alma Mater

  19 February 2008

balancing life on how the sheer presence of bureaucracy is an obstacle for alumni wishing to contribute to the growth of their college.

Sierra Leone: School for Sierra Leone

  19 February 2008

From School for Sierra Leone Project blog: “The Voice of Sierra Leone Association wants to start by supporting a school by buying furniture, toilets and schoolmaterials. After this they plan to build a school and a clinic in an area where there is no education and healthcare for children at...

Iran:Jailed students and empty chairs

  14 February 2008

Ghommar says [Fa] we should be worry about several jailed students in Iran rather than barred candidates from parliament election.He considers life of students and their right to study is more important than empty chairs in parliament.

Trinidad & Tobago: Save the Dolphins

  13 February 2008

Both Discover T&T Blog and Keith in Trinidad draw attention to the recent phenomenon of dolphins being illegally caught and sold as “fish” in order to “satisfy a sanctimonious need to consume seafood for Lent.”

Cuba: Student Fallout?

  12 February 2008

The Cuban Triangle finds “two unusual elements in the story” of the Cuban student who questioned Ricardo Alarcon at the recent university meeting, while Uncommon Sense, on learning that the student claimed he was never arrested, says: “The Cuban propaganda machine can be an impressive beast.”

Moroccan bloggers call for education reform

  11 February 2008

When the World Bank recently announced that Middle Eastern and North African nations need to improve their education systems in order to reach their development goals and be competitive in a globalized market, it sent ripples through Morocco's Francophone blogosphere, prompting calls to improve the nation's ailing education system.

Growing Up Blogging in Rural Uruguay

  10 February 2008

Rising Voices grantee Pablo Flores, who is in charge of the implementation of the One Laptop Per Child program in Uruguay, believes that the XO laptop is more than just an educational tool. He also sees the lime green laptops as an important communication device which he hopes will allow all Uruguayan students to be heard by the rest of their country and participate in the online conversations which will affect their future.

Japan: Coming-Out Letters

  10 February 2008

The Japanese LGBT community has come a long way to claim its position in society today. However, aside from those flamboyant celebrities on TV who satisfy viewers’ appetite for entertainment, the voices of sexual minorities are still rarely heard or amplified – perhaps more so in the case of those...

Ukraine: HIV/AIDS

  8 February 2008

Greetings From Kyiv reports: “Current statistics are that 1 in 70 Ukrainians are HIV positive and that this rate which is the highest in Europe is going to climb.”