· October, 2007

Stories about Education from October, 2007

Touring Libyan Blogs: Eid el Fitr 2008

  13 October 2007

Fozia Mohamed, our Libya volunteer, is back to blogging after a short break, with news and views from the Libyan blogosphere. Issues covered this week include readjusting to life in Libya after living in the UK, medical ethics and the Maqams - the resting places of 'Saints' and men of religion.

Latvia: Citizenship Debate

  11 October 2007

So far, there are 121 comments to the “Stateless in Latvia” post at Euroblog by BBC's Europe editor Mark Mardell – and All About Latvia is tired of explaining Latvia's citizenship laws.

Mexico: Education Roundup

  11 October 2007

HJ Barraza provides his latest Mexican Education RoundUp at his blog Neverwonderland. He also endorses the XO computer for use by Mexican schoolchildren.

Senegal: Education System Goes “Mafia”

  8 October 2007

Blog Politique au Senegal describes (Fr) Senegal's education system in a state of crisis: “It's difficult to say that the Pdef and the 40% of the national budget allocated to education haven't served any purpose: multiple strikes, the lowering of education standards, botched programs, phony grades…illicit practices have more and...

China: Library

  8 October 2007

Ran Yun-fei from Tianya criticizes that the library management in China is designed for thought control (zh). Dissent voices have been censored away.

Japan: Nova and Teacher Union

  5 October 2007

David Markle from Japan Probe picks up the Nova (English school) financial crisis issue and discusses the need for teachers to join union.

Uruguay: XO Computer Rated Higher

  5 October 2007

One Laptop Per Child News reports that the government entity LATU Uruguay has rated the XO Computer as “the better option” for children in the Florida province after testing both the XO and the Intel Classmate PC.