· September, 2009

Stories about Economics & Business from September, 2009

Russia: Broadband & Recession; Yahoo! & Russia

  23 September 2009

Svetlana Gladkova of Profy reports that “broadband access growth twice lower than expected due to recession in Russia.” In another post, she notes that after reading an interview with Marvin Liao, director for Yahoo!'s Sales Development, Emerging Markets Group, she got “a very strong feeling that we will see some...

Mobile-empowered to serve you better

  22 September 2009

The mobile phone has grown to be a tool that enables, farmers, small traders and service providers to take information-based decisions, thereby leading to their economic empowerment

Can social media help make microfinance sustainable?

  21 September 2009

Microfinance agencies provide loans to small businesspeople who often can’t meet the strict credit terms of large banks. Either these entrepreneurs don’t have the capital or the cash to back the loan. Or as the large banks argue, their credit needs are too small.

Anguilla: abandoned hotel?

  21 September 2009

Corruption-free Anguilla stumbles upon an abandoned hotel construction site, and asks questions about development policy and the possibility of government involvement. “The buildings just sit there, enigmatic, clueless.”

Trinidad and Tobago: “poor man's food”?

  21 September 2009

“Why are we so angry about the rise in the price of doubles?” Coffeewallah considers the popular Trinidadian street snack as an economic indicator. “The cost of living has increased for everyone, even your doubles vendor. They are really a barometer for society.”

Vietnam: Sex Trafficking in Saigon

  21 September 2009

Fish Egg Tree is angry and disappointed to learn that sex trafficking is rampant in Pham Ngu Lao in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam even though authorities are aware of the problem.

Bermuda: race and income

  18 September 2009

A recent report on income disparities between black and white employees in Bermuda triggers some statistical analysis by 21 Square. “The sad reality … is that white Bermudians are more likely to hold a higher level of education and thus are more likely to earn more.”

Philippines: Deadly fight over a stuffed toy

  18 September 2009

A scavenger was killed by a fellow scavenger when they fought over a stuffed toy they both found in a dumpsite. Ka-Blog! points to this story as reflection of the grinding poverty in the Philippines.

India: Commercialization Of Professional Education

  17 September 2009

Ram Bansal at India In Peril criticizes the commercialization of professional education in India and the mushroom growth of institutions offering such education. The blogger comments: “The setting up of such institutions is not related to the demand of professionals in the country, but purely with a purpose exploiting en-masse...

Barbados: tourism focus

  16 September 2009

Barbados Free Press asks if the country's tourism authorities are paying enough attention to potential visitors in the Americas. “We’re chasing after the Chinese market which is fine, but why should we be ignoring a substantial market that is much much closer?”

Pakistan: Back Home And Starting A New Life

  15 September 2009

After nearly two months of living in squalor in temporary camps the displaced people of the Swat region of Pakistan were allowed to go back home from July 13th. Although they still face uncertainties and challenges, there are signs of normalcy as many of the displaced families are now starting a new life.

Trinidad and Tobago: budget “daggering”?

  15 September 2009

Writer Attillah Springer blogs her most recent newspaper column, comparing the Trinidad and Tobago government's annual budget presentation with the violent “daggering” trend in dancehall music.