· August, 2009

Stories about Disaster from August, 2009

Taiwan: Southern Taiwan devastated by typhoon Morakot

  10 August 2009

On Aug. 7, 2009, typhoon Morakot landed on Taiwan. The Central Weather Bureau urged residents in Northern Taiwan to be prepared for the heavy rain and strong wind brought by Morakot. However, it turned out that southern Taiwan has suffered from more devastating landslides and floods when compared with northern...

Barbados: Call for Inquest

  10 August 2009

As the government announces that it “will be demolishing three properties at Archcot Terrace…as it moves to get the area to return to normalcy,” Barbados Free Press maintains that not enough is being done to investigate the building collapse that killed the Codrington family almost two years ago.

Taiwan: Typhoon disaster and call for volunteers

  9 August 2009

Southern Taiwan has been severely affected by floods associated with Typhoon Morakot (颱風莫拉克). Billy Pan posted (zh) a link to a Google Map showing the sites of the disaster (zh) and places where volunteers and assistance are required. On Twitter taiwanfloods is regularly tweeting the latest news about the situation...