· August, 2008

Stories about Disaster from August, 2008

Philippines: Humanitarian crisis

  14 August 2008

Filipino blogger On the 8 Spot insists the more important issue that media should tackle is not the charter change proposal of the national government but the humanitarian crisis in a southern province in the Philippines

Will Bangladesh drown?

  11 August 2008

Bangladesh is a nation which is on the front line of the consequence of the climate changes. Being a populous river delta nation it faces the threat of sea level rise due to global warming. This threat is not new as often floods make hundreds of thousands of people homeless,...

African MSM & Sex Workers Voice Concerns and Hopes at AIDS 2008

  11 August 2008

The AIDS 2008 conference (IAC) in Mexico City drew to a close on August, 8th, 2008. The theme of the conference was “universal action now” and judging by the heavy international attendance, the focus on marginalized communities and the daily newsletter aptly called “Global Voice”, it delivered on the promise....

Lebanon: Fires and Global Warming

Summer forest fires have been erupting in what is left of the Lebanese wilderness for years now. And every year, the blame game is played; starting with parties and politicians blaming each other for not being prepared, to blaming each other for intentionally starting the flames. So, what do the bloggers have to say about this?

Japan: Atomic Bombing Anniversary

  7 August 2008

Yesterday was the the anniversary of the atomic bombing in Japan, Tokyogenso expresses hope for world peace. Martin from Kurashi quotes from the NHK documentary about the effects of atomic bomb to the victims.

Israel: Traffic Awareness for Muslims

From Israel, Not a Fish writes about a traffic course for non-Jewish residents in Israel – aimed at reducing road accidents. A total of 250 Muslim clergymen attended a day of lectures on child safety, accident prevention and the Muslim belief in fate versus personal responsibility. Since the beginning of...

China: Healing through Olympic participation

  1 August 2008

Susan Brownell at The China Beat recounts a moving story of how she and a few colleagues took a re-enactment of the Olympic Torch relay to one of the hardest-hit parts of the Sichuan earthquake zone, and what positive effect seeing that had on the children there.