· February, 2008

Stories about Disaster from February, 2008

China: Shaking Hands With Premier Wen

  12 February 2008

Zoula re-posted a citizen report from GuangXi which had been harmonized by major internet forums. The Citizen reporter was called upon by city leaders to perform in post office on disaster relief work and he managed to shake hands with premier Wen Jiabao (zh).

China: Storm in the way home

  5 February 2008

China is wading on its icy way home. I hope to record how common people face the most serious snowstorm and sleet disaster China met in as long as 50 years. Their stories tell how the whole country shares one dream of going home, a dream that ties us together.

Haiti: Dying of Hunger

  4 February 2008

Dying in Haiti links to an article by Haitian journalist Wadner Pierre, saying: “Seems like the story regarding Haitians eating mud pies in Cite Soleil has bothered many people around the world.”

China: Lunar new year approaches with tragedy growing

  3 February 2008

Crisis looms large across the south part of the country with the 2008 China Snowstorm showing no signs of letting up. Trains are trapped [zh] on tracks, cars stuck on highways, flights have been delayed and canceled up and down the east coast and at least one woman has been...

Middle East: Internet Outage Enrages Bloggers

  1 February 2008

What is a blogger without access to the Internet? This was the dilemma facing tens of thousands of bloggers in parts of the Middle East and Asia, after an optical cable in the Mediterranean was damaged, crippling millions of Internet users. No surprise, some of the region's bloggers were fuming especially when they realised that it could take up to two weeks to fix the damage.

Russia: “All Snow is in Samara!”

  1 February 2008

Inspired by Amira Al Hussaini's earlier post on the cold spell in the Middle East, Veronica Khokhlova does a roundup of the Volga region bloggers' reactions to (and their photos of) the record snowfall that paralyzed the city of Samara and trapped hundreds of cars on the Samara-Ufa highway last week, forcing local authorities to declare state of emergency.