· January, 2007

Stories about Disaster from January, 2007

Iraq: Another Terrifying Day

  31 January 2007

Iraqi blogger Nabil writes about yet another terrifying day in his neighbourhood. “Me and several people ran to the roof of the house, and there was my neighbour lying on the floor with his legs got cut due to the explosion and he was severly bleeding and there was blood...

Malaysia: Helping Flood Victims

  25 January 2007

Kenny Sia is asking his readers to assist in the flood relief efforts in Southern Malaysia. “Getting hit by the flood is bad, but getting hit by the flood twice in a week is even more suay. While we're wondering where to go for a night out drinking, those kids...

Lebanon At the Brink of a Civil War

  25 January 2007

Lebanon is at the brink of a civil war, writes Jordanian blogger Tololy. To add insult to injury, she adds: “There is occupation and civil war in Iraq, occupation and apartheid in Palestine, internal turmoil in Egypt, war in Somalia, multiple problems in Jordan, backwardness in Saudi Arabia, armed division...

Thailand: Bangkok Bombs

  22 January 2007

Agamsgecko writes about the latest angle in the on-going investigation into the New Year's eve bombing in Bangkok. Investigators now suspect the involvement of a regional militant group Jemaah Islamiyah‘s hand in the terrorist act.

Russia: Earthquake Threat

  16 January 2007

White Sun of the Desert writes in the aftermath of a recent and not-so-distant earthquake: “That you live in an earthquake zone and are a potential target for a building collapse or a tsunami are easy things to forget for a Brit, but in any case there is precious little...

Malaysia: Distasteful Bank Advertisement

  15 January 2007

Rocky's Bru is offended by an advert brought out by a bank in Malaysia. The advert is anouncing a lucky draw and features bank notes being hung to dry on a clothesline. The ad reminds the blogger of floods in Southern Malaysia where people are trying to dry their belongings....

Malaysia: Second wave hit Southern Malaysia

  13 January 2007

A few days after Malaysia kicked off the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, Southern state of Malaysia Johor is being hit with continuous heavy rains which leads to the second wave of flooding. Youtube user debbieseraphina’ captures the flooding from her coach window Up to date, one of the Malaysia's major...

Guadeloupe, Montserrat: Soufriere Hills Volcano Eruption

  12 January 2007

Guadeloupe Attitude writes (Fr): “Mrs. Deborah Jones, Governor of the British island of Montserrat, ordered yesterday the evacuation of the volcano's North West zone. About 50 households are involved. La Soufriere Hills began erupting about a week ago. Monday, smoke columns over 7 kilometers high seeped out of it and...

Bangladesh: Christmas & Eid celebrations, cold days and heated up politics

  9 January 2007

Like any other country Christmas was celebrated in Bangladesh with much enthusiasm. Tom of Bangladesh Barta shares his experience of celebrating Christmas in Bangladesh. Being a majority Muslim country should Christmas remain a minority festivity in Bangladesh? Sadiq of Inspirations and Creative Thoughts compiles some historical facts and lessons which...

Indonesia: Adam Air Crash

  4 January 2007

Unspun complains about the lack of crisis management training in Indonesia after observing the way the authorities handled the crash of an private airline plane. Relatives were given conflicting messages on the status of the plane by different parties. “The first rule of anyone handling a crisis-like situation is to...

South Asia: 2006 in review

  3 January 2007

Let us take a look at how the South Asian bloggers reflected on the year 2006: Bangladesh: Drishtipat reports that a total of 3,239 people were killed in Bangladesh, with law enforcement authorities killing 300 of them, from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 2006, an average of 9.69 persons per...

China: 10 missing things

  3 January 2007

Positive solution blogs about 10 things that he missed about internet because of the internet cable disruption after earthquake.

Indonesia: Airplane Crash

  2 January 2007

Indcoup looks at the average age of the planes used by Indonesian airlines and remarks that the new year day crash of an private airline was a disaster waiting to happen.