· October, 2006

Stories about Disaster from October, 2006

Lebanon: Political Uncertainty and Men

  31 October 2006

Many Lebanese blogs are reflecting the internal political bickering that is creating an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future of the country. Most of the posts in this weeks review are bleak with little hope for the future. This is something that is very unusual for a people who take...

Nigeria: poor air safety growing cause of concern

  30 October 2006

Following the plane crash in Nigeria last week, Ore's Notes lists other recent plane crashes in the country, “Nigerians may have been deemed the “happiest people in the world”, but perhaps it's time we started facing our issues with a greater degree of seriousness and less laughter.”

Jamaica, Dominica: Jean Rhys's “remarkably screwed up life”

  25 October 2006

After seeing a play based on Dominican writer Jean Rhys's “remarkably screwed up life”, Jamaican novelist Marlon James wonders: “Must every great artist have a self hating streak? Didn't Jean Rhys transfer hers to writing and Naipaul to everybody just like him? Is happiness a false goal for an artist?“

Russia: Grozny War Diaries, 1994-95

  18 October 2006

“Every wall, every gate, every street has their signs of war in Grozny.” Like hundreds of other members of the Virtual Grozny Russian-language forum, Natasha Raslambekova lived in Chechnya's capital until the war forced her to flee in the spring of 1995. This past September, nearly 12 years after the...

Pakistan: Blog-o-leader

  14 October 2006

With the advent of citizen journalism and the unrelenting popularity of blogs as the main source of honest opinion and news, it won't be long before the world leaders jump on the bandwagon, as President Ahmadinejad has already done, and launch their own blogs to further ensure their own popularity...

Philippines: The perfect storm

  12 October 2006

More than twenty typhoons enter the Philippines every year. But super typhoon Milenyo (international name: Xangsane) which recently hit the northern part of the country shocked everyone with its ferociousness and the degree of destruction it left along its way. Metro Manila was severely damaged. Power blackouts gripped the Luzon...

Sri Lanka: NGOs and the Tsunami

  11 October 2006

LankaWatch on the post-Tsunami money that was streamed into Sri Lanka and how NGOs cannot account for the money. “Almost 2 years on, most NGOs are not able account for the millions of dollars that poured into Sri Lanka after the devastating Tsunami that hit in December 2004.”

Myanmar: Floods in Myanmar

  11 October 2006

Myouez at Blog of Nyein Chan Yar is reporting that he is hearing news of heavy rains and flooding from the people living in upcounty Myanmar. The state controlled media is silent. “The region around Mandalay is flooded due to heavy rain these days. After very heavy rain on the...


  11 October 2006

I choose to begin this week's article with a disclaimer which is spawned in response to comments I received on last week's edition of Kurdistance: the contents of my articles are not of my own opinion, but rather the opinions of the bloggers that I cover. I try to remain...

Iraq: Iraqi Kurdistan Book Drive

Pearls of Iraq announces the details of an English language children's book drive for the Kurdish children in Sulaimaniya, Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. This book drive is sponsered in part by Kurdistan Save the Children and the University of Sulaimaniya.

Air Collision in Brazil Triggers Strong Words of Blame

  6 October 2006

It's been a week since the collision of an Embraer Legacy 600 jet with GOL Airlines 737-800 Flight 1907 which plunged into the Amazon jungle Friday, killing all 154 people aboard in Brazil's worst air disaster. Some peculiar facts about the accident are turning the case into a battle of...

Lebanon: Men, Women and Post-War Issues

The Lebanese blogosphere keeps growing day after day. Rampurple, who is a member of the Lebanese Blogger Forum and who maintains the Lebanese Aggregator in addition to her own blog states that the total number of Lebanese blogs in the aggregator have reached 287 so far. This makes the task...

Philippines: Regulating Billboards

  3 October 2006

The blogger at kaLeiDosThoughts feels that advertising billboards should be regulated. Recent typhoon Milenyo caused several of these billboards to fall and one person was killed by a falling billboard.

Apocalypso Now: T&T bloggers on last Friday's earthquake

  2 October 2006

FEW THINGS say more about a nation's character than the way its citizens react to a natural disaster, potential or otherwise. Some would suggest that Trinidad and Tobago's bloggers aren't truly representative of the national community, but I'd like to make the case for the contrary, in the form of...

Vietnam: Xangsane in Vietnam

  1 October 2006

Tuan in Hue, Central Vietnam reports on the typhoon Xangsane, the strongest to hit Vietnam in 10 years. “You can not imagine how teribble it was this morning. From this early morning, around 3.00 or 4.00 AM until 4.00 PM today, the wind was very strong. Most of the trees...