· July, 2007

Stories about Digital Activism from July, 2007

Grenada: Carbon-Free Holiday

  26 July 2007

Earth 911 reports on a Grenadian hotel's decision to go green: “It is the first resort in the world with a utility grade windmill. The resort will…be better than zero carbon, considering car, bus and truck usage and fuel operated equipment.”

Jamaica: Prison System

  25 July 2007

“You are just a body waiting for the undertaker if you are not a good thinker.” Byron Skitta Mesquita at The Inmate Diaries shares a few lessons that the Jamaican prison system has taught him.

Kenya: Kenyan Blogs Webring: A short history

  24 July 2007

The Kenyan Blogs Webring is 3 years old. Daudi Were looks back on its 3 years of existence: “This past year has also been marked by KBW and KBW bloggers being recognised outside our own community and emerging as leaders in some of the most interesting projects that use web...

Trinidad & Tobago: Medical Board Regulation

  24 July 2007

“The back of the medical boys’ club must be broken as part of a wider programme of health sector reform,” writes Keith in Trinidad, as he weighs in on the proposed amendment to the Medical Board Act.

Jordan: Blogs a Destruction Force

Blogs, Wikipedia and uncontrolled media will destroy human cultural integrity. Where are the editors who check the facts? Where are the scientists who make sure our media is for for consumption? Where is the good-taste police?” writes Ahmed Humeid from Jordan.

Haiti: Coffee Traceability

  23 July 2007

An Information Technology project will offer Haiti's coffee cooperatives more traceability and therefore greater leveraging power with their products. The Fair Tracing Project gives details.

Trinidad & Tobago: Helter Smelter

  19 July 2007

“The truth is that the Environmental Management Authority denied a Certificate of Environmental Clearance not only for the smelter but for the entire industrial estate in Chatham.” The Manicou Report has his say about the ongoing smelter plant controversy in Trinidad & Tobago.

Barbados: Blog Gag Order?

  19 July 2007

Barbados Underground learns that that a gag order has allegedly been imposed on government ministers who have been interacting with the public via certain blogs.

Bahamas: Crime Wave

  19 July 2007

“Experts say homicide is a reliable barometer of all violent crime, and we have had 46 murders so far this year – one of the highest per capita rates in the world.” Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit examines the roots of crime in the Bahamas.