· July, 2006

Stories about Digital Activism from July, 2006

Power of Blogs

  31 July 2006

Desipundit on the global impact of the Indian blogosphere: "while it is true that it’s only a small part of Indian population that is online, and even smaller number accesses blogs, when it comes to the online world, Indian blogs are windows, potholes and doors into India."

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: World On Fire

While the flames of war engulf Lebanon, Gaza is still under attack. Many of the victims have been Palestinian children, some barely a year old; and as their families prepare to burry them Haitham Sabbah asks the fundemental question: “How shall we forget? How shall we forgive?” As sound of...

Iran: Stop Stoning

Sologen has given a link to a petition to save an Iranian woman from death by stoning. We read in this petition we are deeply concerned that Ashraf Kalhori, a 37-year-old mother of four, has been sentenced to death for having had an extramarital relationship. We are further concerned that...

South Korea: no-fta

  27 July 2006

Media cultural action (a Seoul based independent media activist group) has put up the “no-fta” demonstration video in July 12, 2006 with english subtitle on their website.

Chile: Investigating Internet Activism

  24 July 2006

Why is Chile such a hot-bed of internet-based activism? More importantly, how can the Chilean experience inform grassroots internet activism in other countries? Those two questions are driving Mary Joyce's visit to Santiago, where she is investigating various efforts underway to create a more active civil society using the internet.

China: alliance of banned blog

  23 July 2006

One man band width is going to start an alliance of banned blogs: “The purpose of the group is to bring to International awareness the need for cohesion among bloggers to fight oppression and build a free Internet.”

Hong Kong: youth Ambassador Against Internet Piracy

  23 July 2006

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department has been recruiting 9-25 years old youths to become “youth ambassador against internet privacy” against BT activities. The project is initially launched in Feburary 2006 and until now 1200 BT websites have been closed and 99 persons have been arrested (zh). Ben Ng has...

Iran: Internet & national security

Alireza Shirazi founder of fast growing Blogfa, an Iranian provider for blogs says Parliament Research Center in Iran considered internet as a dangerous instrument for national security and for people. According to this blogger Research Center talks about internet users who put national security in danger and want to overthrow...

Blogs are Improving Citizen Concerns

  21 July 2006

You’re riding on the highway at maximum speed (120 K/H), talking with a friend, calm. Suddenly a public bus passes you so fast that curiosity gets ahold of you: how fast is this bus is going? And the driver decides to follow the bus. Carlos Verdugo (ES) posts the experience:...

Middle East: Reaction

  20 July 2006

Black Looks “stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine and Lebanon against the wanton frenzy of destruction unleashed by Israel in yet another act of collective punishment.”

China: How do you say RSS feed in Chinese again?

  18 July 2006

One day soon, when content flow between Chinese and English websites reaches a reciprocal balance, when newspapers, textbooks and bloggers everywhere go bilingual, how well-positioned will you be? It's not an easy question to answer, and keeping a foot firmly planted on the ground on both sides of the fence...

DRC: Can a Finger Free the Congo?

  18 July 2006

UDPS Liege posts pictures (Fr) of Didier Bongeya and the finger which was allegedly severed from his body during a recent march in the DRC. The blog post is titled “The finger that will free the Congo.”

India: Blocking access to Blogs on Blogspot and Typepad in India

  17 July 2006

I have been exercising considerable restraint before posting on the issue of blocking of Blogspot.com, Typepad.com and Geocities.com in India. It all started around the 13th of July, when some people complained that they weren't able to access their blogspot blogs. Since the service is known to have been down...

Iran: Bloggers & Zahedan

Nedaye Emrouz says there are only 25 blogs in Zahedan and all of them are run by university students. The blogger adds that in reality only 9 of these blogs are active (Persian). Nedaye Emrouz writes articles in Zahedan magazines about the importance of blogs and informs his countrymen that...