· December, 2008

Stories about Development from December, 2008

Kazakhstan: National Search Engine Debated by the Bloggers

  18 December 2008

On December 11, 2008, Kazakhstani blogger Nurlan wrote in his blog, dedicated to IT development issues, about a possibility that so-called KazNet (a Kazakhstani segment of the world wide web) soon may have its own search engine and quotes an advertisement placed on the official website of the Governmental Agency...

Ethiopia: A child's glimpse on the country

  15 December 2008

Samuel Gebru reviews the book Tsion's Life, written from the perspective of an Ethiopian child by an American woman that adopted him. According to Gebru, the book “captures the essence of a child's life growing up in urban Ethiopia” and “is simply a useful guide to Ethiopia for all –...

Fact or Fiction: A mini Dubai in Downtown Cairo

  15 December 2008

Rumor has it that Gamal Mubarak, the President's son and the NDP's General Secretary of the Policy Committee, will turn the historical downtown Cairo into a “mini Dubai”. Sandmonkey wrote: AP has a piece on how religion and decrepitude are threathening downtown Cairo Bars. I know a third source of threat:...

Angola: A country with huge, untapped tourism potential

  14 December 2008

Angola boasts an amazing interior landscape, rich and varied fauna, bountiful wildlife, and an extensive national park system, offering something for every visitor. However, most of its potential is still untapped, and if well explored, could make Angola the biggest tourist destination in Africa.

Haiti, U.S.A.: Relief Delay

  11 December 2008

The Haitian Blogger reports that storm victims are dying of starvation because of the delay in getting goods to the island: “The situation is that aid agencies are in control of foreign aid to Haiti and the Haitian government as usual, is being cut out of the picture and were...

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Differently-Abled

  11 December 2008

“I thought that not so long ago, children with disabilities were like dirty family secrets to be kept hidden away and far from curious eyes”: Abeni attends a Christmas programme at a School for Children with Special Needs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and comes away with the realization...

Puerto Rico, Barbados, Guyana: Indigenous Rights

  10 December 2008

The Voice of the Taino People Online reports that Damon Corrie, “the sometimes controversial Barbados born Indigenous Rights activist of Guyanese Arawak descent” is attending negotiations on the draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

East Timor: The difference a computer makes

  9 December 2008

In a country where the cost of the Internet is 3.000 USD a month for a 256 kbps connection, Sara Moreira shares pictures from the times she was teaching Computer Engineerig in Dili. “As you can see, your laptops would truly make a difference for young women in Dili, Timor!”.

Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago: VoIPs

  9 December 2008

“It seems that the CARICOM members have no handle on technology and its positive impact on the economy, and Guyana is no different”: Blogging from Trinidad and Tobago, KnowProSE.com is not surprised that Guyana seems to be on the verge of closing cyber-cafes because of competition from VoIPs.

Zimbabwe: On the cholera crisis

  8 December 2008

Sokwanele posted several pictures taken in Ruwa of raw sewage overflowing from manholes, causing residents in the area to fear for a cholera outbreak. Sokwanele says: “It’s a ticking time-bomb, and the residents know it, but can do nothing about it”. The Kubatana blog also comments on the current cholera...

Armenia: Earthquake Anniversary

  7 December 2008

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the 1988 earthquake which devastated parts of northern Armenia including the country's second largest city of Gyumri. Unzipped says that for the estimated 7,000 families which still remain homeless the past two decades have been full of nothing more than empty promises. Meanwhile, Anush...

Malawi: 36-hour bus ride to Johannesburg

  6 December 2008

Boni Dulani describes his 36-hour bus ride from Mangochi, Malawi to Johannesburg, South Africa going through Mozambique and Zimbabwe. He concludes “despite all those challenges, there is a positive story to tell from my trip: Zimbabwe is the only country where I didn’t have to pay any bribes to get...

Senegal: Troubles in schools

  5 December 2008

Although more and more children in Senegal are attending school, the education system faces ever greater challenges, from the influence of drugs to unwanted pregnancies to the fact that education is hardly a guarantee of future employment.

Trinidad & Tobago: P of A

  5 December 2008

Trin finds the government's position on certain key issues implausible and asks: “Are exhausted people resorting to threats of violence to escape a sinking city or Trinbagonians dying from an imaginary dengue outbreak part of your vacuous plan of action for ‘nurturing a caring society'”?

Egypt: Dirty Sexy Secrets

  5 December 2008

Young enlightened Egyptian bloggers write about their society's sex code, racism, bigotry, and lust after scandals - all in an attempt to make Egypt a better place to live in. Marwa Rakha zooms into the Egyptian blogosphere to bring us the story.

Haiti: clean water

  4 December 2008

Haiti Innovation posts detailed information about a campaign to improve access to clean water in Port-au-Prince. "Their approach is to provide cost effective tablet chlorinators and to build the capacity of community members to manage them."