· October, 2007

Stories about Development from October, 2007

Tanzania: IMF no longer viewed as an enemy

  24 October 2007

Tanzania Common Cents writes about Tanzania's relationship with IMF: “While it is true that over the years Tanzania has graduated in her relationship with IMF to the point of currently operating under a PSI and thus driving its own development agenda; and while its true that IMF policies have evolved...

Russia: Bloggers Discuss James Watson

  23 October 2007

James Watson, an American Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, provoked international outrage when The Sunday Times quoted him on race issues on Oct. 14. The news of the controversy produced a certain stir in the Russian-language blogosphere, too.

China: Heavy schooling fees and migrant workers

  23 October 2007

Yuan Guiren, Chinese Vice Education Minister, emphasized the equal education rights for the migrant workers’ children at the CPC press conference last Saturday. However, the tough reality makes some migrant parents worried if they can find an adequate school for their children next term.

Armenia: Rally Against Poverty

  22 October 2007

Transitions Online's The Armenian Patchwork posts a photo story with accompanying text on a rally held in an outlying district of Yerevan to protest global poverty. The event was ironically held in an area known unofficially in Armenia as Bangladesh.

Africa: Coming to a donation box near you

  22 October 2007

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman writes takes a critical look at Western philantrophy in Africa: “I am intrigued by the recent proliferation of web-based giving and I have been keeping a curious eye on sites such as Kiva.org and Heifer International, in an attempt to understand what is going...

Uganda: Poverty and Paris Hilton

  22 October 2007

Wednesday's Public Poverty Forum in Kampala had one blogger, Tumwijukue, asking, “Did they (re)define poverty? Did they speak of poverty of the mind? Or did they merely use the event as a networking opportunity and an excuse to miss work for the day, rushing to the organizer's table at the end of the forum for the Ushs. 50,000 delegates' allowance?”

Caucasus: Corruption Perceptions Index

  21 October 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus, the blog of the Caucasus Resource Research Center in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, looks at Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index for 2007. The blog notes significant improvements in Georgia in the struggle against corruption, but no real progress in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Armenia: Going Underground

  21 October 2007

Zarchka at Life Around Me reports that new construction of an underpass in the center of the Armenian capital has hit a snag. Quite a big one, actually. To be precise, the Yerevan Metro. Oneworld Multimedia posts a video of some of the chaos that the construction has created for...

Nata Blog: A Blog From An African Village

  17 October 2007

One of the success stories of the power and reach of citizen media in Africa is definitely The Nata Village Blog. It is a blog from Nata village in Botswana.Nata is a village of about 5000 people located on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Pans, the largest salt pan in the world. The blog is a tool in the fight against the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in Nata village.

Bahamas: Engaging the Americans

  17 October 2007

“Engaging the Americans, our most important trading partner and neighbour is a good thing,” writes Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com, on learning that the island's Prime Minister will address The Caribbean-Central American Action organisation at their Miami Conference on the Caribbean Basin in December.

Dubai: Floating Bridge

  17 October 2007

“One of the biggest criticisms of Dubai has always been the traffic congestion, ask me about it as I lived there for six years. In an effort to reduce the traffic, Dubai, opened a floating bridge which connect the two sides of the creek – Deira and Bur Dubai,” writes...

Dubai: Impressing US TV Viewers

  17 October 2007

“I was impressed with the interview that CBS 60 Minutes reporter Steve Croft did with Dubai Emir Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. The interview and tour of Dubai aired Sunday on CBS TV’s 60 Minutes program which received huge viewership ratings,” writes Ray Hanania, who provides a link to the...