· July, 2006

Stories about Development from July, 2006

A New Wave of Change in Cambodian Blogosphere

  22 July 2006

Since July last year, the growing popularity of weblogs among Cambodian Internet users is quite remarkeable. Whatever reasons you could think of – overhype of the mainstream media or indulgence in information technology. Though there is no exact count of Cambodian weblogs, according to Technorati, as of now there are...

East Timor: Rumors of Australian Involvement

  21 July 2006

Samantha at samanddaniel blog dispels rumours that Australia was involved in the unseating of former East Timorese Prime Minister. “I believe the recent trouble all comes down to the incompetence and inexperience of a new government left to fend for itself without adequate ongoing international support coupled with the arrogance...

French-Speaking Bloggers on Rabat Conference on Migration

What Will the Conference Bring? Says France-based African blogger Le Pangolin, Du 10 au 11 juillet 2006, s'est tenue à Rabat au Maroc, la première rencontre interministérielle euro-africaine sur les problèmes des migrations entre ces deux continents.Elle a regroupé 57 pays africains et européens et certaines organisations humanitaires qui se...

Ghana: Wireless initiative

  20 July 2006

Timbuktu Chronicles notes the “Wireless Ghana” initiative, an affliate of the CUWIN project. The project's prime goal is to make Internet access in rural communites a reality, he writes.

Armenia: Our Duty to Live

Onnik Krikorian posts photos and and an interview with the program manager of the Our Duty to Live project in Vanadzor, Armenia. The project offers educational and social services to needy children in an area still recovering from the devastating 1988 earthquake.

Bermuda: Paradox of plenty

  19 July 2006

The Limey's latest “Open Mike” topic is “the paradox of plenty”, tabled by contributor “Tiger Bay”: “Resource-rich countries, such as oil producers, often develop slower than less endowed countries. Quite simply, the wealth distorts good governance and decision making. . . .“

Cameroon: Debt Cancelled by Canada

  19 July 2006

Fojrega writes (Fr) that: “Canada's Minister of Finance announced tuesday that he was cancelling the USD 198.9 million debt that Cameroon owed Canada.” Cameroon fulfilled enough conditions to become the 12th country eligible for Canadian debt forgiveness including: “progress in economic reforms, especially corruption and improvement in the drawing up...

Ethiopia: Wolfowitz statement

  19 July 2006

Ethioblog takes issue with recent “disheartening” comments from World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, who traveled to Ethiopia a few days ago. He calls them “guarded to the point of being empty even by diplomatic standards, contrast sharply with donor language just six months ago.”

Japan: weather forecast

  19 July 2006

“Japan is planning to implement a new program that provides forecasts of typhoons, storms, blizzards, droughts and other inclement weather 30 years in advance!” JP reports on this in Japundit.

Tanzania: Organic wine company

  18 July 2006

Timbuktu Chronicles discovers a new wine organically produced in Tanzania by a company called Cetawico, which aims to “create employment, stimulate local initiative and develop new agricultural skills.”

Uzbekistan: Happy Planet

Ben Paarmann reports on Uzbekistan's fairly high rank on the Happy Planet Index. He notes that Uzbekistan's score (as well as those of neighboring Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) are not a result of government policies though.

Uzbekistan: Civil Society

Olesya translates a post about NGOs in Uzbekistan in which the author argues that the country's NGOs should not be surprised to find themselves in their current situation because of mistakes they made in the past that have weakened them relative to the government.

Singapore: Remembering Capitol Cinema

  17 July 2006

Singapore's heritage blogger Lam Chun See remembers the golden days of a 76 year old cinema hall. The unused cinema might end up like other cinemas in Singapore – developers tearing them down to build shopping complex or hotels.

Kenya: Korogocho online

  13 July 2006

Korogocho, a slum area of Nairobi, is going online, writes Kenyan Pundit, who also nods in the direction of a “computers for all Nigerians” scheme and a commentary on the use of expat consultants.