· July, 2008

Stories about Citizen Media from July, 2008

Zimbabwe: On the soaring inflation

  25 July 2008

Zimbabwe, that was once one of the richest countries in Africa, at present finds itself falling into economic chaos with inflation reaching record levels, and with zeroes being regularly added to the currency. Bloggers comment on the grim situation, its causes and consequences.

Malaysia: Sex, lies, murder, and politics

  22 July 2008

Malaysian politics are sizzling with sex intrigues, murder accusations, scandalous lies and intra-party squabbles. The political crisis has angered many young Malaysians, especially bloggers.

Colombia: Freedom March Around the World

  21 July 2008

After the rescue of 15 high profile hostages held in the FARC's power on July 2nd 2008, the same group that organized the last global march on February 4th against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) decided that there should be a another one on July 20th, the day when Colombia's Independence from Spain is celebrated. The following videos and photographs show the way this Independence celebration and liberation march was celebrated around the world, and also some of the contrasting thoughts regarding the meaning of nation and freedom.

Blogger of the week: Elena Ignatova

Today's Blogger of the Week series is taking us to Macedonia, a small country in Europe that some people might not even have heard of but that has a thriving blogosphere. We talked to Elena Ignatova, editor of both Global Voices in Macedonian and in Albanian, about her involvement with Global Voices, the Macedonian blogosphere and her work as an internet activist, among other things.

Brazil: On authoriterrorism and online surveillance

  20 July 2008

Over 60 bloggers attended the blog carnival against censorship [pt] this Saturday, most of them posting especially about the new cyber crimes proposal for Brazil. The bill has now proceeded to the House of Representatives, where a request for it to be handled urgently was put forward last week, leaving bloggers on red alert. Over 70,000 signed an online petition against it.

Nelson Mandela, 90 years

  18 July 2008

Nelson Mandela is 90 years old today and the celebrations have crossed the borders of South Africa to make the world sing happy birthday and clap hands together. Join the celebrations with this round up of many happy returns from the African continent.

Korea: Chopsticks… Rather Complicated…

  18 July 2008

Why does Korea use iron for chopsticks while other chopsticks countries use wooden materials? What is the history of the use of chopsticks? When do kids learn how to use it? Hyejin Kim answer these and other questions about this ancient eating utensil.

Environment: Updates from African Bloggers

  18 July 2008

In this edition of Global Voices environment we check in with the African environment bloggers, who have fascinating pictures to share, discussions on solar technology, concerns about forest re-allocation and updates on past stories.

Brazil: Bloggers question the 13 new cyber-crimes

  17 July 2008

In the small hours of last Thursday, July 10, the Brazilian Senate passed the 'Digital Crimes Bill', which typifies the cyber-crimes punishable by law and stipulates the corresponding penalties. The proposal will now be proceeding to the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, bloggers campaign for more debate and an online petition has been signed by over 60,000 citizens in just one week.

Chile: Student throws water at the Minister of Education's face

  16 July 2008

In Chile, a student fed up with the repression and incarceration of participants in the protests against the new General Education Law (LGE) and the beatings and abuse sustained by her from the military during these protests complained to the Minister of Education at one of the Participatory meetings organized by the Ministry to discuss the LGE, discussion which ended with a jug of water thrown in the Minister's face as can be seen on the following video.

Argentina: Students chain themselves demanding a better school

  8 July 2008

In the province of Rio Negro near the city of General Roca in Argentina, the students of the CEM 106 are asking the government to follow through with their promises of solving the problems their school has. Videos of the open sewage drains in front of the school, of the 3 classrooms for more than 240 students and the septic tank which overflows in the backyard provide visible proof of their needs. In spite of the governments promises back in June to solve this issues, nothing has changed, and this has caused the students to chain themselves outside the regional office for Rural Education.

“No Car Day” in Southwestern Chinese City

  8 July 2008

Last year, Kunming, China took part in “No Car Day” (无车日). Now, the southwestern Chinese city has gone above and beyond by instituting a “No Car Day” every month. Kunming, home to many environmental NGOs, has Car Free Days on the last Saturday of every month. China's Green Beat gives...

Armenia: LGBT Blogs

While most political blogs in Armenia simply duplicate the views of an already polarized media, the voices of those stuck in between, denied access to the airwaves, or who are simply misrepresented, are often ignored. That might now all be changing with the appearance of several LGBT Blogs from Armenia and the Diaspora.

Trinidad & Tobago: Embarrassment of Riches

  7 July 2008

The US President's statement that Trinidad & Tobago no longer qualifies for preferential trade status causes Four Fingers and a Thumb 2.0 to consider all the ways in which the twin-island republic is “too rich.”

Brazil: The Rent-a-Blog debate heats the blogosphere

  6 July 2008

A famous brand of beverage decides to invest in Brazilian blogs as the main vehicle to market its latest product. A well established blog-like website picks up the story using the term "rent-a-blog" to describe the chosen bloggers. A recipe for disaster or the signs of a new era?

USA: Al Jazeera Blackout?

When Burlington Telecom, owned by the small city of Burlington, Vermont (population 39,000), decided to carry Al Jazeera English, debate sparked amongst its residents, leading some groups to protest for its removal. Bloggers in the city and around the world have jumped on the story.

Beijing Announces Traffic Rules to Combat Air Pollution

  4 July 2008

Danwei says Beijing recently announced traffic rules that will be in effect during the Olympics. The rules dictate that from July 20th to September 20th 2008, only cars with license plates ending in odd numbers can drive, among other rules. Authorities estimate the new rules will cut down on Beijing's...