· November, 2007

Stories about Citizen Media from November, 2007

Brazil: War in Rio

  29 November 2007

The blog War in Rio, o Jogo [pt], which defines itself as “a manifest game and a bad taste joke”, has been quickly gaining popularity. Inspired by Wargaming, the idea behind the project is to use humor to generate a debate about the situation in Rio de Janeiro: “While politicians...

Bangladesh: Know your enemy

  26 November 2007

At 3rd World View, Rezwan takes a closer look at the reactions of some groups towards aid coming in from the US for the victims of the cyclone.

Brazil: On the “Che e-mails” and credibility of journalism

  25 November 2007

An article on the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara's death, led to a heated email exchange between an editor of Brazilian magazine Veja and an American reporter for The New Yorker. The correspondence has spilled onto the internet, where it has fueled a juicy public debate about the impartiality and credibility of Brazilian journalism.

Hong Kong: Pan Democrats’ Dark Day

  20 November 2007

The Pan democrats have lost a bitter battle in the recent district council election. Before the election, the pan-dem worried that they wouldn’t be able to keep all their seats and tried to explain the situation by predicting a low voting rate. The final result is worse than they have...

Armenia: Return of the King President

  18 November 2007

Levon Ter Petrosian, Opposition Rally, Liberty Square, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia Without a doubt, the most significant event this winter has been the return of the first president, Levon Ter Petrosian, to the political scene in Armenia. Resigning in 1998 and living virtually as a recluse, Ter Petrosian came out...

Environment: Bloggers on Energy, and The Zero Africa Rally

  15 November 2007

Several bloggers deftly tackled energy issues, from nuclear energy, ideas of ‘plug and play power’, China's ‘Clean Ambitions’ and Green data centers. Be it South Africa, China or America, the energy question has got bloggers thinking of solutions. Ian Gilfillan asks “Why is anybody still considering nuclear?”. He looks at...

Guatemala: Selling Cell Phones in the Local Market

15 November 2007

La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo shows a picture of salesgirls selling cell phones in the local market, which is a new marketing technique alongside vegetables, fruits and other household goods.

Environment: ‘Endangered Planet

  14 November 2007

Omar Basawad is encouraged by the news media's coverage of climate change, citing the programs from CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera. In watching the CNN special ‘Planet in Peril’ Omar is pertubed and shocked in part because…”Most saddening of all, is that – the poorest part of the World: Africa, which...

Brazil: Morality, homophobia, ethics or hipocrisy?

  11 November 2007

After a popular tour throughout the country, everything was ready for the opening of the photo exhibition Heróis (Heroes) by Luiz Garrido, in Brasília, capital of Brazil. This time, the 24 black and white pictures of famous Brazilians were to be shown at the Chamber of Deputies, as part of...

Brazil: 70th anniversary of the military coup

  10 November 2007

Lúcia Hipólito [pt] amasses dozens of comments in a post to remember the anniversary the Brazilian coup d'etat: “In November 10, 1937, exactly 70 years ago, the President Getúlio Vargas, came to power via a coup d'etat, supported by the Army, and established in Brazil one of the saddest chapters...

Malawi: Insanity on the roads of Lilongwe

  8 November 2007

Madinga blogs about insanity on the roads of Lilongwe: “These devices were placed there with the aim of brining sanity to the roads of Lilongwe. Unfortunately there are a few cowboys and cowgirls on the roads who have great disrespect for these expensive traffic regulators.”

Malawi: Fairer cyberwaves, female journalist bloggers

  4 November 2007

A recent phenomenon in the Malawi blogosphere has been the growing presence of women journalists setting up blogs. Not too long ago a search on Blogger.com for Malawian blogs turned up virtually no women bloggers from Malawi. That has since changed. In this write-up we follow four Malawian women journalists...