· February, 2006

Stories about Citizen Media from February, 2006

Computer Crash: Food Overload

  25 February 2006

Was your umbilical cord attached to a computer when you were born? It may sound like a strange statement, but the truth is that some of us think that. Especially if you happen to be in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes and there is no telephone or Internet for...

Southeast Asia: Ten Integration Suggestions

  22 February 2006

the news at 10 lists ten things he thinks the Association of Southeast Asian Nations can do in order to create closer cooperation. No. 2 is “less bickering: for gods sake, stop bickering about islands that have no benefits whatsoever. and no, no country is going to invade any country,...

Nigeria: BlogoDrama

  21 February 2006

Grandiose Parlour comments on what he describes as a “Naija BlogODrama” over at Naijablog this past weekend. Insults flying left right and center – a display on how to be intolerant and abusive.

Pakistan: Blog-o-tracking

  20 February 2006

It is bad enough having my blog routinely reviewed by dot gov and dot mil domains but now I think I am also being followed by some rather unsavory net characters while cruising the internet highway searching for interesting blog posts for GV. I have to publicly declare here, that...

Belize: Local elections

  15 February 2006

Melody reports that candidates have been nominated for the Belize local elections, which local observers see as “a litmus test that could well set the stage for the outcome of the General Elections.”

Costa Rica vibrates with the Central American Music Festival

  14 February 2006

Feet are fiddling and fingers are drumming as many Costa Ricans wait for the PapayaFest, Papaya Music's tribute to San José as the 2006 Latin American Culture Capital, to begin on February 16th. Papaya Music is a Central American effort to unite musicians, researchers and producers who wish to bring traditional and popular composers into greater visibility and younger generation's attention.

Pakistan: Blog-o-reaction

  6 February 2006

Well, by now, everyone is well aware of the controversy that resulted from the publication of caricatures of Prophet Mohammad, and the resulting protests that have occurred around the world. Being a Muslim, I naturally found the cartoons offensive, so no big surprise there. But I also understand and support...