· December, 2005

Stories about Citizen Media from December, 2005

Pakistan: Blog-o-New Year!

  31 December 2005

As the year comes to a close, I am forced to look back and ask myself an important question, “why the heck did I not write a post for GV last week?” The answer is relatively factual; I was visiting the nation of Procrasti (Procrasti Nation), a beautiful island off...

Tsunami: Malaysian blogs reflect a year after

  29 December 2005

In remembrance of the Tsunami which took place at Asia Pacific in 2004, bloggers around the world were putting up posts to commemorate the event. MackZul dedicated a blog entry to those who have lost and pray that those who live on, are living better lives and even though Chan...

Chilean Cinema Trends

  27 December 2005

Chilean cinema has been growing and growing as years go by. The “Festival de cine de Valdivia” (ES), the best known Chilean festival of cinema, has taken place in the city of Valdivia (ES) since 1993. Every year, Chilean producers and directors have the possibility to present their new works...

Blogging To Improve Cambodia’s Environment

  27 December 2005

Meet Zarah Jane Almeida who works as a producer for Mlup Baitong's Environmental Advocacy Radio Program. She has been blogging about her work and life at Sreisaat Adventures in Cambodia since January, 2004. Born in Roxas City, known as the seafood capital of the Philippines, she graduated from the University...

Pakistan: Blog-o-furious

  16 December 2005

Over the course of the last few months, the responses to my personal blog have become “interesting” to say the least. I am not talking about the usual comments posted by friends and fellow bloggers regarding their review of my latest post but of HATE messages that are addressed to...

Voices from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  14 December 2005

Our look at what bloggers in the Horn of the African continent and Sudan are saying begins in Darfur and with some good news. Sleepless in Sudan is reporting that the ban on commercial traffic in one of the refugee camps called Kalma has been lifted. In its own words:...

Southeast Asia: Skeptic's Constitution

  13 December 2005

After Southeast Asian leaders signed a pact to write a regional constitution, Rajan Rishyakaran claims he has an early draft — a skeptical, darker version that describes the realities both the region and its charter would have to answer.

Global Voices Summit: Emergence of a Conversation Community

  13 December 2005

(photo by Beth Kanter) Thanks to everybody who participated – both in person and online to make our Global Voices London Summit such a stunning success! The conversation was so intense that few people noticed a movie star sitting quietly in the back of the room, listening intently to what...

Pakistan: Blog-o-coma

  9 December 2005

Well, it happened. I got side-swiped by a colossal Boredom Truck while riding my trusted Vespa Scooter on the internet highway, surveying for relevant blogs to highlight for this post. I hate to admit it but the accident was my fault. Driving through the drivel of insufferable sites that litter...

Southeast Asian Games!

  8 December 2005

Southeast Asian Games closing ceremonies’ photo by Jove Francisco. The 23rd South East Asian Games, which recently concluded in Manila this week, were known as the South East Asian Peninsular Games until 1975 when the SEAP Games Federation accepted Indonesia and the Philippines as members. The name was then changed...

Nigeria: Books

5 December 2005

Molara Wood calls on Nigerians readers to submit their “best book of the year”….So please let us have your choice of ONE outstanding book you read in 2005 and tell us in no more than 100 words – why the book appealed to”

High Abstention and Information Black-out in Venezuela Elections

  4 December 2005

Venezuelan bloggers report empty voting sites in today's elections for National Assembly Deputies. After touring Caracas, The Devil’s Excrement estimates that abstention rates would be higher in this election than it was for the City Council elections last August in which abstention rates reached 68%, a very high percentage compared...

Global Voices Seeks Managing Editor

  2 December 2005

Global Voices is growing fast! We are now looking to hire a full-time Managing Editor. THE JOB: This person will be responsible for coordinating day-to-day content flow on the Global Voices blog, run regular online editorial meetings, manage the work of our rapidly expanding international team of Regional Editors and...

Chilean Bloggers: What happened with our Politics Blogging?

  2 December 2005

Roberto Arancibia, a well known blogger in Chile, posts that we are only ten days away from the presidential and parliamentary elections and that political Blogs should be burning hot, but….why aren't they? Most of the comments agree that blogs are not mainstream or still too “elite”. Maria Elena said...