· December, 2004

Stories about Citizen Media from December, 2004

Emergency Action Blog initiative

28 December 2004

After the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia, bloggers from India quickly set up The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog for news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts. This blog's an invaluable coordination effort, and it pointed to the need for a more robust and permanent site...

GV Covenant: Spanish version

  27 December 2004

The Global Voices covenant in Spanish, thanks to Ricardo Bello: Creemos en la libertad de expresión: en proteger el derecho a hablar – y el derecho a escuchar. Creemos en el acceso universal a las herramientas de expresión. Con ese fin, queremos empoderar a todos los que deseen expresarse para...

Making Podcasting Accessible for All

  24 December 2004

Hi everyone... I've just posted my first podcast. The topic of this five-minute audio is the growth of podcasting and the subsequent accessibility challenges faced by the hearing impaired. I'm hoping it's the first in a series of podcasts from me on a variety of issues related to the Internet, the media and the digital divide, among other topics. If you have a good Internet connection you can download the podcast; it's just over five megabytes in size. Otherwise, a transcript of the podcast can be found on my blog. For those of you who want to subscribe to my future podcasts using software like iPodderX, please use my blog's RSS feed.

Conference Raw Audio Posted

21 December 2004

Below is the raw audio for all Global Voices sessions. Please note that not everybody spoke clearly into the mike, so some people are more audible than others. For the most complete experience you may want to follow along with SJ's transcripts (session 2 onward). Thanks again to Benjamen Walker...

Yet more next steps…

20 December 2004

Ben Walker and Rebecca Mackinnon have proved that my running around the room with microphones was worthwhile. They've done an amazing job of editing our conversations and debates into a brief audio story for future broadcast or podcast. If you we're able to attend the Global Voices gathering in person,...


17 December 2004

Thanks to the many who have proposed changes and edits, here is the latest version of our Manifesto. Please suggest any further changes on the Wiki, but we hope that we can finalize it by Monday at the latest. We believe in free speech, both in protecting the right to...

The working draft

16 December 2004

I've posted a draft of the Global Voices Mission Statement/Manifesto to Hossein's wiki. (We're trying to get a mediawiki up at Berkman so we can stop abusing Hossein's server, but a recent virus outbreak has put Berkman tech folks a bit behind…) Alex and I drafted the statement on Sunday,...

Manifesto session next steps

12 December 2004

I just uploaded the log of the IRC session for the Global Voice manifesto session. It definitely needs to be edited. I'll try to do it soon, but if someone else wants to take a shot, be my guest. If you're going to work on it please comment here so...


12 December 2004

A lot of the virality stuff I talked about yesterday came from discussions with Jonah Peretti who did ForwardTrack and Reid Hoffman, the former SVP of PayPal, Francesco Cara and Marko Ahtisaari. If anyone is interested in going down this rat hole any further, I will try to put a...

Wiki for participants

11 December 2004

You can now use Global Voices wiki page to register your name and blog, so we all can keep in touch after the conference.

Andrea: Roundup on blogosphere development in China and Hong Kong

9 December 2004

Rational blogger Andrea wrapped up recent resonates about China and Hongkong's blogosphere in her T-Salon blog: Xiao Qiang, director of the China Internet Project at UC Berkeley, has put the two year old Chinese blogosphere into perspective in “The ‘blog’ revolution sweeps across China”. “In the current Chinese cyberspace, bloggers...

Echo chamber, sensorium, reflection, and action

7 December 2004

On Tuesday, December 7, 2004, at 05:17 PM, Joichi Ito wrote: One thing that I've been noodling on is the attention issue. How do we get people to care? It seems to me that video is able to capture attention better than text. Human voices help. Music is good. One...

Thoughts from Jim Moore

4 December 2004

Jim Moore has passed on the following ideas for “the broadest thinkable agenda for global citizen dialogue…” “a dialogue that will be net-enabled, plus travel and residency grounded, and that will hopefully generate new forms of individual and collective creativity, and perhaps the formation of new organizations and institutions.. What...