· January, 2009

Stories about Breaking News from January, 2009

Facebook War Continues with Group Hacks

Global Voices has discussed the issue of censorship on Facebook and YouTube, particularly as it relates to the current Israeli attacks on Gaza. Today, however, it was discovered by a Global Voices reader that several “pro-Gaza” Facebook groups have been hacked, apparently by the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF), the same group mentioned in our previous article. Jillian York investigates.

Zimbabwe: January blog roundup

  5 January 2009

As shown by this roundup, most bloggers in Zimbabwe at the beginning of this new year are concerned with the economic and social situation in the country. Others are still following the court case of the abducted human rights activist Jestina Mukoko, who is facing charges of training bandits to topple Robert Mugabe's government.

Ethiopia: Opposition leader jailed

  4 January 2009

Samuel Gebru reports that opposition leader Birtukan Medeksa faces life imprisonment for denying that she apologized to the Government for her role in the 2005 unrest. Mamá Etiopía [Es] reports that she's already in jail, the same one as singer Teddy Afro, and describes her as an “Ethiopian Obama”.

Indonesia: Indonesian Bloggers Respond to Gaza Attack

  4 January 2009

Israel-Hamas conflict escalation has entered second week; as casualties climbing to around 400 dead and over 2000 people injured. Reactions have also spread across the Indonesian blogosphere. Opinions are mainly pro-Palestinian ones, much of them directed against Israel's military answer to militant Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Ghana: President announced

  3 January 2009

Kent's diaries reports that the results of the Presidential runoff election in Ghana have just been announced, with opposition candidate John Atta Mills winning the tight race. The blog also offers a profile of the new President.

Kenya: Controversial media bill passed

  3 January 2009

Moses Kemibaro reports that Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has signed into law the controversial Communications Amendment Bill 2008. He notes that “the Bill has been signed even as Kenyan Media, in particular, and Kenyans, in general, have expressed concerns about the Bill as there are aspects about it that will...

Australia: Following Gaza from Afar

Though Gaza is a long way from Australia, there have been many reactions to the catastrophe unfolding there. Many Australians have been using their blogs to post links that help to provide both information and analysis of what’s happening that is not always covered in the mainstream media.

Sri Lanka: Mission Accomplished?

  2 January 2009

The president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakshe officially announced that the government troops have captured LTTE rebel's de facto headquarters Kilinochchi after suffering heavy loss in the battle. The government has so far been able to be on top the situation but heavy battles are likely still to lie ahead...

Japan: Who is running 2-Channel?

  2 January 2009

Who runs Japan's largest bulletin board, 2-Channel [2ch]? This is the question being debated on 2channel threads today [ja], with rumors that the board's enigmatic founder Hiroyuki Nishimura has transferred ownership to a company, PACKET MONSTER INC., apparently based in Singapore. “The beginning of the end,” one commenter writes. Many...

Syria: Silent Demonstration for Gaza

Syrian blogger Dania reports on the silent demonstration organized by Syrian bloggers in-front of the European Commission in Damascus to protest the continuing Israeli onslaught on Gaza. She also publishes the petition sent to Brussels by the demonstators.