· January, 2009

Stories about Breaking News from January, 2009

Flashfloods and landslides in south Philippines

  17 January 2009

More than 115,000 people in the Philippines’ northern Mindanao region had fled to safety due to flashfloods and landslides. The local government reported that the series of flashfloods that struck the region have reached humanitarian crisis proportions

Indonesia: Flooding in 13 provinces

  17 January 2009

Thirteen Indonesian provinces experienced flooding the past week due to torrential rains. The disaster has claimed the lives of 14 people while three others are still missing. More than 50,000 people have to be evacuated. Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, is under up to two meters of water.

DR Congo: ICC trial for Bemba?

  13 January 2009

Bana Congo [Fr] and Wronging Rights report that Jean-Pierre Bemba‘s confirmation of charges hearing began at the International Criminal Court on January 12. Bemba is alleged to be criminally responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the Central African Republic (CAR) between October 25, 2002 and March...

Trinidad & Tobago: Tragedy at Sea

  13 January 2009

Trinidadian diaspora blogger Further Thoughts is a relative of the two researchers whose bodies were recovered at sea after an incident this past weekend: “I am so thankful for the outpouring of support. I always felt that those simple words – ‘I’m sorry’, or ‘my condolences’ meant so little, were...

Pakistan: Low Intensity Blasts in Lahore

  10 January 2009

Skb at Lahore Metblogs reports: “During last two hours, Lahore experienced four blasts near Alflah building on Mall Road and the recent, fifth blast is just heard near Tamaseel Theatre on Ferozpur Road.”

Japan: The future of Toyota

  10 January 2009

Michi Kaifu at Tech Mom from Silicon Valley responds to news that Toyota “crown prince” Akio Toyoda is to take the company's president position in June this year. Reflecting on the future of the car maker and on rumors in the Japanese blogosphere, Kaifu writes, “if you still have some...

Costa Rica: 6.2 Earthquake leaves nationals and tourists stranded

  9 January 2009

A 6.2 Earthquake that was felt throughout Costa Rica, with the epicenter in Vara Blanca only 35 Km. away from the capital city of San José. In the Central Valley, damages consist of cracks and damaged goods fallen from shelves, however, the situation near the epicenter is devastating, as mountainsides collapsed and landslides caused flooding. It has yet to be estimated how many possible victims, although 3 deaths have been confirmed.

Sri Lanka: Assassination Of A Journalist

  8 January 2009

Sri Lanka remains as one of the world’s most dangerous countries for independent journalists. Indi.ca reports that Lasantha Wickremetunge, one of Sri Lanka’s best known journalists was shot in the head this morning by unknown gunmen. He later succumbed to his injuries. Ground Views has details.

Pakistan: National Security Adviser Sacked Over Mumbai Terrorist Row

  7 January 2009

Five Rupees reports that mayhem followed after Maj. Gen. (R) Mahmud A. Durrani, the Pakistan Prime Minister's National Security Advisor admitted to media today that the the lone surviving Mumbai terrorist Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani. Later on the day Durrani was sacked by the Prime Minister and The Pakistan...

Palestine: UN School Hit By Israeli Shells; More than 40 Killed

At approximately 6:00 p.m. (GMT+2), Al Jazeera English reported that a UN school was hit when two tank shells exploded outside of the school. The school, located in Jabaliya, had been set up days ago as a shelter for Gaza residents who had lost or evacuated their homes. Over 40 people have been killed. Jillian York presents immediate reactions from the blogosphere and Twitter.

DR Congo: New mass killings, weak media attention

  6 January 2009

While fighting in North Kivu has been somewhat quiet of late, there have been reports of mass killings perpetrated by the Ugandan rebel group LRA in the Congolese Haut-Uélé region by the Sudanese border during the past two weeks. Meanwhile, media attention is elsewhere.