· October, 2008

Stories about Breaking News from October, 2008

India: And the Bookers prize goes to..

  15 October 2008

Über Desi reports that the Chennai born Arvind Adiga has won the 2008 Man Booker prize for his debut novel ‘The White Tiger’, which the Guardian describes as “a bracingly modern novel about the dark side of the new India”.

Colombia: The Falling Panels of the Santo Domingo Building

  13 October 2008

Maria reports on a developing scene in Bogotá when she and her fellow students witnessed panels falling from the Santo Domingo building that houses the School of Administration at Los Andes University. She used twitter and “citizen journalism 3.0″ to write what she was seeing. Her report can be found...

Korea: The Death of an Actress and…

  11 October 2008

The death of Choi Jin Sil, who has been regarded as a ‘national actress,’ gave a big shock to Korean society. Her image has been like a self-righting toy, from her poverty in childhood to a renowned actress, and from the failure of marriage with a big scandal to the...

Japan: Machida city council requests regulation of Street View

  10 October 2008

Blogger and lawyer Yōji Ochiai [落合洋司] reports on news [ja] that the Machida city council in Tokyo has made a written request [ja] for investigations into regulation regarding Google's Street View Service, which has sparked some negative reactions in Japan [ja]. “My position has been to oppose entirely the targeting,...

Maldives: First free election underway

  9 October 2008

Maldives Live covers the first free election in Maldives that started yesterday. The latest results indicate that the long serving (since 1978) president Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom is leading.

Nepal: Plane crash in Lukla

  8 October 2008

Bimal Gautam, a photojournalist from Nepal posts some photos of the crash of an Yeti Airlines plane in his photoblog. 18 persons died in the air crash in Lukla today including 14 Germans, 2 Australians and 2 Nepalis.

Guatemala: Ex-president Portillo extradited

  8 October 2008

After hiding from Justice for four years in Mexico, former President Alfonso Portillo was extradited to Guatemala, where he will face serious charges of corruption and other felonies. Bloggers comment on the possible outcomes, and show surprise at how quickly he was put released on bail.

Thailand: Protesters clash with police

  7 October 2008

Bangkok protesters clashed with police in front of the Parliament building. Twitter user jeremyfanclub gives an update: “Bangkok is going political unrest PAD and police is fighting now at front of parliament from morning til now.”

Japan: Nikkei drops below 10,000 yen

  7 October 2008

mojix at Zope Junky Nikki picks up news that the Nikkei stock average has slumped below 10,000 yen for the first time in nearly five years [ja], featuring a PDF of a print article from Nikkei Keizai shimbun announcing the drop. mojix writes: “There are good sides to a strong...

Egypt: The Fire Series Continues

After the iconic Parliament building and the National Theatre, the fire monster is at work in Egypt's textile district in El Mahalla El Kobra, reports Nermeen Edress. Egyptian bloggers are asking: are all those fires a coincidence or are there other factors at play?

South Korea: Choi Jinsil

  3 October 2008

Famous South Korean actress Choi Jinsil committed suicide on 1 of October. Ask a Korean! pays tribute to the Choi with a brief account of the actress’ life history.

Japan: Who can you call about Google Street View?

  2 October 2008

Blogger Hiromitsu Takagi [高木浩光] takes up the story [ja] of Google vice president Kent Walker's Q&A at a press conference in Tokyo on Sept. 29th, highlighting statements [ja] by Google Japan director Kōichirō Tsujino [辻野晃一郎] claiming that people who would like images from the company's Street View service to be...

Japan: Major papers agree on mutual consignment deal

  2 October 2008

Hiroyuki Fujishiro [藤代裕之] at Gatonews comments on reports [ja] that Japan's two largest dailies, the Yomiuri shimbun and the Asahi shimbun, have agreed on a mutual consignment deal that, by 2012, will consolidate the printing end of the news production process. The two papers will also assist in printing the...

Habemus Guatemalan Cinema! Gasolina, Best Latin American Movie

  1 October 2008

Gasolina, a Guatemalan film directed by Julio Cordon, won Best Latin American Movie in San Sebastian Film Festival, capturing a post conflict society, quite different from the pictures in the newspapers and far more complex. Bloggers and artists are sharing this triumph, proudly sharing the city and their urban stories with many people in the world.