· August, 2008

Stories about Breaking News from August, 2008

Turkey: Bloggers Banning Themselves?

If you are a long-time follower of the Turkish blogosphere you will have undoubtedly heard about the Turkish ban on Wordpress....and the periodic bans on YouTube, and on the social-networking widget site Slide, oh..and now on Dailymotion as well. I think that is all? Isn't it? It is hard to keep track now-a-days and frustrating. Turkish bloggers feel the same way too, and are protesting the constant banning of sites by voluntarily banning their own.

Musharraf resigns

  18 August 2008

All Things Pakistan reports that Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the president of Pakistan has announced his resignation in a televised speech. His nine year long rule ended facing an impeachment and an ultimatum of the politicians. The Blog also discusses what awaits Pakistan after his resignation.

Philippines: Rebels invade remote towns

  18 August 2008

A Filipino doctor-blogger reports that two municipalities in a southern Philippine province were invaded by rebels: “School has been torched, houses are burning. People there are racing to the coasts for protection. A steady stream of refugees is being observed from the checkpoint. This is war.”

China: Liu Xiang is out and we are sad

  18 August 2008

The news that Liu Xiang has injured his foot and temporarily unable to compete shocked China over lunchtime Monday. He Caitou has reposted the fastest-rising thread at Baidu (first posted a month ago) in which someone claims they dreamt this was going to happen.

Togo wins first Olympic metal

  15 August 2008

Yikpa-Au Village celebrates Togo's first-ever Olympic medal [Fr].  Benjamin Boukpeti won the bronze metal earlier this week in the men's single kayak slalom.  “I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.  This is truly sensational!!!! Congratulations Benjamin.”

Lebanon: Tripoli's Attack – More Online Reactions

Lebanon is back in the headlines after an explosion ripped through a bus in Tripoli, killing 18 people, including soldiers, and injuring tens more. And although the day the explosion happened marked the first visit of the newly elected Lebanese President Michel Suleiman to Syria - a visit which was highly anticipated and monitored by both pro-government and opposition officials - news of the explosion took over the media coverage.

Lebanon: The Presidential Visit to Syria

As the Lebanese president Michel Suleiman wraps up his first official visit to Syria, the regional media outlets are dedicating their resources and efforts to broadcast every event, announcement and speculation surrounding the trip. Naturally, the local blogosphere too has been busy reporting news and opinions on the visit and what it holds for the future of Lebanon, writes Nash Suleiman, who takes a closer look at Lebanese blogs in this post.

China: Citizen reporter Zuola carted off

  14 August 2008

Less than an hour ago, prominent Chinese citizen blogger was visited at home by authorities and driven off. Fortunately, he had Twitter on hand and was able to get the word out as he was being detained.

China: Opening ceremony deceptions continue to disappoint

  14 August 2008

This is starting to get a bit brutal; news today that the children seen in the harmonious 56 ethnic minorities—China's version of a multicultural policy—portion of the Olympics opening ceremony were actually all Han. Writes Twitter user @FrankYu: “China's Opn Cer. is facing a loss of credibility on the scale...

China: How old is He Kexin?

  14 August 2008

While authorities state she is of Olympic regulation age, China Digital Times‘ Xiao Qiang looks at one of several sources that put He Kexin‘s age at around fourteen.

Ukraine: Government Position Towards Georgia

  13 August 2008

LEvko of Foreign Notes comments on the attitude of the Ukrainian government towards the situation in Georgia. The Ukrainian President, accompanied by the Presidents of Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, and the PM of Latvia, is today visiting Tbilisi, he writes.

Japan: Mainichi to shut down website? WaiWai controversy continues

  12 August 2008

In the latest installment of the ongoing WaiWai saga, news [ja] is climbing the bookmarks [ja] in Japan that Mainichi is investigating the possibility of shutting down the online version of its newspaper. Meanwhile, 2channel has discovered that the WaiWai column existed before the Internet [ja] (contrary to what some...

South Ossetia: Did Kosovo set a precedent?

  12 August 2008

When Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in February this year, many feared that it would set a precedent for other secessionist regions in the world, particularly in the Caucasus. Sinisa Boljanovic analyzes what bloggers said then and what they are saying now that those fears have become a reality.