· November, 2006

Stories about Breaking News from November, 2006

Cambodia: Somaly Mam awarded Women of the Year by Glamour magazine

  13 November 2006

Somaly Mam works hard. She works hard to cope with her past. In her childhood, she experienced rape, torture, and violence. With her husband Pierre Legros, she founded the AFESIP (Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Précaire) NGO in 1997 in Cambodia where trafficking in persons is one of the...

The DW Best of Blogs Awards

  12 November 2006

Had I not read Hoder's blog today I would have definitely missed the Deutsche Welle Best of the Blogs awards 2006 ceremony held in the Museum for Communication Berlin a few hours ago. I knew about the awards but I was unaware of the time and place and whether it...

The Screams of Gaza Echo in a Silent World

  9 November 2006

Four Months. 247 Palestinians dead. 155 of them, “official” civilians. 57 children. 996 wounded. 337 of them are children. Naseem Tarawnah wonders if the world can hear Gaza scream at all anymore. Eman vents out similar frustrations especially with the lack of Arab reaction, while Al Falasteenyia is calling on...

Bloggers respond to Kyrgyzstan's political turmoil

  9 November 2006

“6th Day, 11pm” by Teo Kaye. Many more photos from the recent protests can be found at his Flickr stream. Kyrgyz opposition groups have been holding massive anti-government protests in the capital Bishkek for the past week, calling for constitutional changes and the resignation of the president. With the parliament...

Saddam at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  7 November 2006

Goodbye Iraq's butcher; may you never grow in our dreams. You were the farce that placed itself where lives were torn apart. You called out to our country, and you tormented those already in pain. Now you belong to hell, and in shame we spell out your name. …And even...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  5 November 2006

Freedom of expression in Bahrain received yet another slap in the face this week with a government ban on what is the kingdom's most famous blog. The Ministry of Information issued a gag order, blocking Mahmood Al Yousif’s blog, among a handful of other sites for breaking publication laws. The...

Blogging Tunisia: Good News and Bad News

  2 November 2006

The good news is that Tunisia won't bomb Aljazeera TV channel. It just has put an end to its diplomatic representation in Qatar and shut down its embassy in Doha. That's what Arab regimes can do, has Houssein noticed [Fr], when they loose a battle in the information war against...

Arabisc: Sexual Harrassment Saga Continues in Egypt

  2 November 2006

Citizen journalism (blogging) took a new turn in Egypt this week, with online journals going where traditional media dared not go. It was only after bloggers brought a two-day orgy of sexual harrassment in downtown Cairo to the forefront that newspapers and television channels started dealing with the issue. Discussions...

Kenya: bomb threat?

  1 November 2006

Is there a bomb threat in Nairobi, Kenya?: Apparently, and this is word on the street unverified, there is a suspicious package somewhere around the GPO building which is pretty much bang in the centre of Nairobi CBD.

Fiji: Coup Rumours

  1 November 2006

Stuck in Fiji Mud of Fiji reports that U.S. and Australia are taking the rumours of an impending coup in Fiji seriously and making contingency plans. Growing tensions between the prime minister and the military chief is said to be fuelling the rumours. Mayvelous in Fiji writes that people in...