· July, 2006

Stories about Breaking News from July, 2006

China: Wu Hao released

  11 July 2006

Following nearly five months in prison, blogger, documentary maker and American permanent resident Wu Hao has been released, as noted in a July 11 post on his sister Nina's blog: 刚刚得到家里电话, 被告知皓子出来了.谢谢大家的关心,但他需要清静一阵子. 如果还有什么消息,将更新在这个BLOG. Just got a call at home and informed that Wu Hao is out. Thank you everyone for...

Somalia: Pray or die

  7 July 2006

Ethioblog and The Voice of Somaliland Diaspora both react to an edict handed down by a top cleric in the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) regime emerging in Somalia, to the effect that Muslims who don't observe prayers five times daily will be put to death. Ethioblog draws a fair...

Reunion: Potential Volcanic Eruption

  6 July 2006

According to (Fr) Dijoux.re, Reunion's “volcano has been grumbling lately and local government has decided to put in place a plan of vigilence. An eruption is possible in the days and weeks to come. The last activity dates from December 2005.”

Ukraine: Oleksandr Moroz is Elected the Speaker

LEvko of Foreign Notes posts on the latest developments in the parliament shortly before the vote for the speaker. Socialist Oleksandr Moroz wins the position (unexpectedly for many), and LJ user vaxo (journalist Vakhtang Kipiani) sums up the situation (UKR): “The Communists – who belong in the garbage pile of...