· May, 2006

Stories about Breaking News from May, 2006

China: 2008 Olympics watch

  22 May 2006

Today begins, proclaims blogger Lyn Jeffrey, Virtual China‘s official coverage leading up to the 2008 Beijing summer olympics. “Yes, we're a bit late to the game,” says Jeffrey, “but our focus will, of course, be how 2008 plays out in virtual China, both in Chinese and in English. A few...

China: World takeover screenplay

  22 May 2006

Is the identity of China Confidential‘s ‘mysteriously’ anonymous Confidential Reporter soon to be revealed? And is a Da Vinci Code-style thriller about China's world domination plans and the bloggers who discover them soon to be made?

Turkey is Typing….

Blogging is one of the ultimate expressions of free speech, although it has been questioned as one of the deadly sins (as it serves the writer's vanity): blogging and the conversation that it creates about free speech is paramount in our modern world. This week an event in Turkey occurred...

Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis: Soufriere Hills Volcano activity

  20 May 2006

Georgia Popplewell reports from St. Kitts that the dome of the Soufriere Hills Volcano in Montserrat (sixty miles away) has collapsed and an ash eruption has caused flights in the vicinity to be cancelled, due to reduced visibility. She quotes an activity report from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (whose website...

Ethiopia: Blogspot blocked

  19 May 2006

Ethiopian Life reports that the Government has blocked all blogspot blogs….”Over the last two days, all blogspots blogs including http://www.seminawork.blogspot.com/ have been blocked in Ethiopia.”

China: No lawyer for Hao Wu

  17 May 2006

Access to a lawyer shall not be granted to illegally-detained Beijing or Bust blogger Hao Wu, as seen in a post dated May 17 on his sister Nina's blog, in which she documents her increasingly desperate drive to see some justice handed down to her little brother Haozi, ongoing translations...

China: Canadian faces execution

  17 May 2006

“A program called Ultrareach is helping thousands of Chinese defy internet censorship every day,” writes Celia at China Activist Weekly, along with posts on disturbances in Tibet and the response to a letter written to the Canadian government regarding Canadian citizen Husein Celil currently in Uzbekistan “where he is being...

South Korea: Human rights campaign

  17 May 2006

Prior to tomorrow's kick-off to Project Sunshine—a two-week campaign for human rights for North Koreans—a documentary was screened and a mock funeral procession held in, says Joshua at The Korea Liberator, “what appears to be either Myongdong or Apkujeong, but in any event, one of Seoul’s tonier neighborhoods.” Photos included.

Nigeria:Third term dies

  17 May 2006

Nigerian blog, Chxta's World, is overjoyed by the death of the third term consitutional amendment.….”We are proud to be citizens of Naija, and it has been shown that we have people in the right places who know how to do the right things”

Hong Kong: China-sent spies?

  16 May 2006

EastSouthWestNorth‘s Roland Soong translates news stories on “what must be the first big internet-fueled political storm in Hong Kong” which comes down to whether or not the Hong Kong Democratic Party has been infiltrated by “spies” and whether or not they come from the Chinese mainland.

China: Direct elections promised

  16 May 2006

“Just a day ahead of the 40th anniversary of the start of Mao's mass murdering Cultural Revolution, which plunged China into years of chaos and pitted faction against faction within the ruling Communist Party (and children against their parents), the heirs to that organization announced a plan that is designed...

China: Cultural Revolution turns forty

  16 May 2006

“There is no official commemoration or acknowledgment in the PRC today,” says The Useless Tree blogger of the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of China's Cultural Revolution. “The Party has ordered the media not to discuss it. Just another one of those major chunks of modern history, like the Great...

China: Rock star imprisoned

  15 May 2006

Uleewang at Non-violent Resistance blogs on the hottest story in mainstream Chinese media this past week “involving a popular tabloid, a burned-out rock star, his ex-wife the most famous Chinese singer ever, their daughter and her puppy, his second ex-wife, his erstwhile fellow rock star, some broken computers and TV...

China: Fuel shortage cover-up?

  15 May 2006

Is there a fuel shortage in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen which lies next to Hong Kong? “The government is claiming there is no shortage,” says Simon of Simon World, “and they're right. There's enough fuel, but thanks to the cap on pricing the station owners are refusing to...

China: Wu Hao's whereabouts

  15 May 2006

Nina Wu, sister of illegally-imprisoned Beijing or Bust blogger Wu Hao writes of her ongoing push to find out where her brother is: “I still remember the first time I came to Beijing for little brother's affair, freezing to the point of shivering despite wearing an overcoat. Now, it's already...

China: Yuan gets stronger

  15 May 2006

Dawanr at TalkTalkChina posts on the news yesterday of a strengthening Chinese yuan as the rate on the US dollar dipped below 8.0.

Brazilian Gangs Wage War On Police

  15 May 2006

One of Brazil's biggest gangs, the First Capital Command (of First Command of the Capital -- PCC), took the fight to Sao Paulo's government developing a wave of co-ordinated violence since Friday.

Haiti: Prison Mutiny on the Day of Preval's Inauguration

  15 May 2006

President Preval officially took office yesterday amidst much fanfare but a prisoner's mutiny that was eventually quelled left at least one person dead, reports AlterPresse. The Haitian newsfeed described (Fr) the scene as follows: “Mutiny participants on the roof of the prison screaming ‘Long Live Preval’ and ‘Freedom’, noisy demands...