· April, 2007

Stories about Breaking News from April, 2007

Lebanon: Two Kidnapped Found Dead

The Lebanese police found the bodies of the missing youths yesterday evening. Security measures were stepped up in Beirut. The victims were buried today. Political leaders called for restraint and letting the investigations to take its course. Riemer Brouwer and Jounoune have updates on this hideous crime.

Estonia: “A Russian Rebellion”

  27 April 2007

As Tallinn seems to have entered the second night of rioting over the removal of a Soviet war memorial, here's a blogger's recap (with photos, RUS, by LJ user mrprophet) of what happened the previous night: A Russian rebellion Today I've been to a true Russian rebellion, senseless and relentless....

Trinidad & Tobago: Zen Closed

  27 April 2007

Trinidad Carnival Diary confirms that Zen, the nightclub embroiled in controversy following the Akon and Machel Montano incidents, has been closed indefinitely.

Niger: Teacher Strike, Violent Student Protests

  26 April 2007

In Niger, violent protests by students (Fr) continued at the University of Niamey. The students are demanding (En) striking primary and secondary school teachers return to work. Nigerien civil society has meanwhile announced its support for the students‘ “fight for the improvement of their living and working conditions” (Fr)

Syrian Independence Day and Elections

Syria celebrated it's independence and Parliamentary elections with a lot of official fanfare, but very little excitement from bloggers as a reported two per cent of the constituents turned up at the polling stations. Yazan Badran sums up the reactions as bloggers debate the results and updates us about the jailing of a prominent human rights lawyer.

Egypt: Royal Wedding Bells

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia reports a new union in Egypt. “I think I didn't post the merry news concerning the Royal sorry the republic marriage of Gamal Mubarak and Khadija El-Gamal. Well the merry news was that the marriage will be held in Sharm El-Shekih presidential palace ..on the 4th of...

Bahrain: Bandargate Revisited

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif breaks a total ban on media outlets to discuss a political scandal better known as Bandargate in Bahrain by publishing a post with a link which sheds new light on Salah Al Bander from a different perspective.

Bahrain: On the Great Wall of Adhamiya

Bahraini blogger emoodz wonders whether the US got the inspiration for erecting the Great Wall of Adhamiya in Iraq from the movie 300. “So much for the democracy practiced in Iraq, a wall that is being built along sectarian lines against the will of the Iraqi people in hope of...

Nigeria: Umar Musa Yar’ Adua wins presidency

  23 April 2007

The World According to Adaure breaking news: “Nigerians now have a new president in the person of Umar Musa Yar’ Adua. He garnered over 24 million votes in the April 21st presidential election. Mohammed Buhari came in second with 6 million votes, while Atiku Abubakar got over 2.6 million votes…The...

Trinidad & Tobago: Lara is Out!

  20 April 2007

Following his team's victory over Bangladesh yesterday, beleaguered West Indies Cricket Captain Brian Lara has announced his retirement from the sport. Caribbean Beat Blog was shocked at the news, but West Indies Cricket Blog “felt a pang of sadness when the inevitable happened. We all knew this day was coming...

Arabeyes: Thoughts on the Virginia Tech Massacre

For Algerian student Nouri, who studies in the US, the shooting at Virginia Tech is too close to home for comfort. He links to the above photograph, from the Washington Post, which features one of his acquaintances, who goes to school there. “The brown fellow to the right, just above...

Ethiopia: March to protest violence against women.

  17 April 2007

A march was organized on April, 14th at Merkel square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This march wanted to show that women were still at risk of random acts of violence and that more needed to be done from a legal point of view to protect their well-being. The march was organized...

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

The day I lost my hair mother had dragged me out to shop the wait for lulls in incessant crossfire had not come to a stop and the children were hungry for more than just candy check points where faces had traces of trashed deaths dying answers in stillborn questions...

Turkey: Comparable Tragedies

Turkey and My Foreign Perspectives compares two recent school-related tragedies: the killing of 30 at Virginia-Tech University and the death of 33 elementary school students in a bus accident in Izmir. “Here in Turkey, this bus accident is the one of the worst in its history and one that citizens...

Arabeyes: Egyptian Blogger Abdul Monem Mahmood Arrested

Egyptian blogger Abdul Monem Mahmood (Arabic) is the latest in a string of bloggers arrested by Egyptian authorities. He is being detained under custody for 15 days as charges are drawn up against him. The Muslim Brotherhood blogger, journalist and television presenter was detained early Sunday morning, amid conflicting stories...

Arabeyes: Bahraini Blogger in Court Tomorrow

This is Mahmood Al Yousif, the God Father of Bahraini bloggers, who is being sued by a Bahraini Minister for comments he published online. Mediations between the two parties failed, and the case is now being heard by the Higher Criminal Court tomorrow. Even the meek Bahraini Journalists Association is...