· September, 2006

Stories about Breaking News from September, 2006

Russia: Conflict With Georgia

  28 September 2006

David McDuff of A Step At A Time writes about the recent escalation of the Russian-Georgian conflict: “The Russian government is expending a great of aggressive rhetoric on this new campaign, accusing Georgia of being a “bandit state”, and talking of preparations for war.”

Poland: “The Polish Watergate”

  27 September 2006

The beatroot has posted three entries so far about the beginning of a major corruption scandal, already labeled the “Polish Watergate”: one, two, and three. “It looks very bad for a government that has fashioned itself as the ‘anti-corruption’ government.”


  22 September 2006

First up on this week's edition of Kurdistance, there has been a fantastic conversation about the Kurdish Question on the Washington Post's PostGlobal feature. The conversation has been very active for several weeks now, I would recommend reading it and joining in! Save Roj TV, whose courgeous work we have...

Thailand: Coup Update

  20 September 2006

Picture from HelloonEarth2006 It was a holiday today in Thailand after the military ousted Prime Minister Thaksin's government last night while he was away in in New York. There are no reports of violence and people are venturing out in the streets. Stickman has pictures from Bangkok this morning and...

Thailand: First day of the coup

  19 September 2006

Rumors of a coup had been circulating in Bangkok for weeks, and foreigners like me had been ‘warned’ to be careful, don’t stay out late, move in groups, keep updated with news reports, watch the cable TV. So when it happened last night (Tuesday, Sept 19), I was hardly surprise....

Thailand: Liveblogging the coup

  19 September 2006

At least two blogs have been set up solely to cover the unfolding military coup in Thailand – a group blog 19sep which is in English and revolution.blogrevo which is in Thai. Video copies of coup-related announcements are appearing on YouTube. Below is the first televised announcement of the take-over...

Thailand: Living thru a Coup

  19 September 2006

Stuart G, an expat living in Bangkok, worries that the military might start fighting itself. But meanwhile he says “there is no fighting going on now. I am safe, my refrigerator is stocked, and I am not in danger.” Cowboy Caleb also has a running account of events from a...

Thailand: Coup News Blackout?

  19 September 2006

Metroblogging Bangkok blogs as the coup unfolds. He says CNN, BBC and all the international cable news channels have gone down and writes: “now just a matter of getting the Internet down…. I'll see you guys when Thailand becomes civilized again…” Kwanzoku has screenshots from the TV news until: “Now...

Thailand: Live-blogging the Coup

  19 September 2006

With what appears to be a military coup unfolding in Bangkok, Bangkok Pundit is live blogging the confusion. Gnarly Kitty also gives running commentary as the news unfolds, and fears the impending loss of Internet and mobile access… which means the live-blogging may not last for long.

Pope, American Embassy and Others

  18 September 2006

This week was an extremely busy week for all Syrian bloggers, notably Political Blogs had to make a number of updates, since the political atmosphere in syria was swirling with possibilities and different analysis of the aftermath of the latest attack on the US Embassy in Damascus, and the successful...

South Korea: villages demolished for military base

  14 September 2006

Days in Daechuri reports that 22,000 riot police and 450 contracted construction workers and thugs invaded and occupied the villages of Daechuri and Doduri today (Sept 14 13) at dawn and demolished 68 farm houses. The operation is to clear the land for the construction of U.S military base. Ohmynews...

Syria: Damascus Attack

  12 September 2006

The American teacher is Syria describe his first reaction to today's terrorist attack on American Embassy at Damascus. He says: “It was breaktime, and a group of students were refreshing my memory about the plot of the Julia Roberts classic, “Runaway Bride” when my student Ahmad broke in abruptly. “There...

China: teacher's death

  11 September 2006

ESWN translates various reports on the mysterious death of a teacher, Dai Haijing, in Zhejiang, which resulted in a series of demonstrations demanding the police to carry out proper investigation.

Bermuda: Blogging hurricane Florence

  10 September 2006

The video above was captured this afternoon by Bermuda bloggers Shawn and Sue “from the Southshore, Eastern end of Bermuda, approx 24 hours before Florence is scheduled to arrive.” Florence is the season's latest hurricane, and the island of Bermuda has been bracing for her arrival since the middle of...

Mexico: Oaxaca’s Popular Assembly Storms Government Offices

  8 September 2006

Writing from Oaxaca, Nancy Davies says the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) “declared the governor Ulises Ruiz Ortíz (URO) ‘proscrito – banned, exiled, unwelcome – in the state of Oaxaca.” Rodrigo Javier has eye-opening photos (ES) of APPO storming the government offices. Concluding the post, he writes,...

Bolivia: On the Brink?

  8 September 2006

Miguel Buitrago wonders where is the rule of law and Miguel Centallas asks if Bolivia is “on the brink” of collapse. Meanwhile, inspired by Harper's Magazine Jim Shultz serves up the his own Bolivia Index: “Number of comments accusing The Democracy Center of being either: communists; stupid; getting rich in...

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  7 September 2006

Been a while since I last reported from the Blogodrome. It was not the holiday that stopped me – it was the mountain of work after. It seems every one is back from holiday demanding my time. Anyway I'm back, Iraq is the same-old, same-old, well maybe a darker version...

Cambodia: Personal Information Technology aka Weblog Workshop

  3 September 2006

More and more Cambodians are getting introduced to blogging through organized workshops at universities in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. The Cambodian blogopshere is probably as not big as any others in the region as the number of Internet users is one of the lowest in Southeast Asia....

China: What's up with the web

  3 September 2006

The newly-born portal for progressive bloggers Bullog was booted from its host server in Inner Mongolia late last month, and relocating to Beijing hasn't seemed to help as the site—as well as its backup home at niubo.org—has been unaccesible for the last few days. None of this has slowed down...

Cuba: The latest arrest of dissident Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramírez

  3 September 2006

Up to 10:30am (EST) this morning I could find no mention in the online versions of mainstream media outlets of the detention of Dr. Dariel “Darsi” Ferrer Ramírez and the attempted gassing of his young son by Cuban authorities on September 1, 2006. The incident has been reported, however, on...

Zimbabwe: A Blog with a View

  1 September 2006

The Bearded Man collates daily bulletins of news from Zimbabwe with sprinklings of his own two cents, chronicling the land issue, the introduction of new currency and government claims in the face of criticism.