· July, 2006

Stories about Breaking News from July, 2006

Indoensia: Expat Life and Indonesian Thoughts

  27 July 2006

The blogger at Sarapan Ekonomi talks about expats discussing life in Indonesia. The blogger does not agree with some of the views the expats have but at the end of the post, the blogger asks everyone “Meanwhile, lighten up. It's Friday after all.”

Voices from the Caucasus

Russian tourists rest in the shade in the Novy Afon (New Athos) monastery near the capital of the Georgian breakaway region of Abkhazia – by eurutuf What follows is a roundup of notable blog conversations from the Caucasus that took place over the last week. For a change, how about...

Jamaica: R.I.P. Louise Bennett

  27 July 2006

Poet and actress Louise Bennett, popularly known as Miss Lou, perhaps the most beloved public figure in contemporary Jamaica, has died at the age of 86. At the Caribbean Beat blog, Jeremy Taylor offers a tribute. “She wrote unforgettable poems in the Jamaican ‘patois’ or ‘dialect’ which we now learn...

Somalia, Ethiopia: Mystery plane

  27 July 2006

Reject the Ethiopian Invasion! picks up on reports of a mystery aircraft which landed at Mogadishu, rumored to be carrying arms from Eritrea. “The last thing Somalia needs is more arms,” the blogger writes. There is also part of a transcript of the U.S. State Department media briefing which dealt...

China: Cameras, drunks and forced website closures

  26 July 2006

Kimbo Hu/Hu Defu, a well-known Taiwanese aboriginal folk musician gave a performance at a small bar in Beijing this past weekeknd. In attendance were many prominent bloggers, and here is Ycul blogger Reading Storeroom‘s account of the show, along with the problems he sees as more and more Chinese purchase...

Mexico: Buses Burn in Oaxaca

  25 July 2006

Mark in Mexico says that striking teachers commandeered three city buses in front of Benito Juárez University on Sunday, slashed their tires, and shattered their windows. In an update post, he says one of the buses was burned and that “the respected newpaper Reforma from Mexico City seems to be...

Lebanon at the Iraqi Blogodrome

The Iraqi blogs have been alive with comment on the crisis in Lebanon. The opinions are so diverse that subject deserves to be covered in its own right. If you read no other post read this one Ali from Free Iraqi delivers a sharp analysis that would make Machiavelli nervous....

Reunion: Volcano Eruption

  21 July 2006

From Reunion, Jean-Paul at Dijoux.re writes (Fr):”It is the first eruption of the year. Of the two lava flows registered at the beginning of the eruption, one stopped and the other has diminished. The awful weather (i.e. the cold, the rain and the fog) is not making for a scenic...

Reunion: Volcano Eruption

  21 July 2006

Reunion Passion writes (Fr): “Le Piton de la Fournaise started erupting at the end of the night of July 20 at 4 am. According to information from the volcano observatory, the eruption took place at the volcano's summit, near the Bory crater.”

Zimbabwe: Middle East lesson

  20 July 2006

“The past week's events in the Middle East,” writes Zimpundit, “have confirmed Zimbabweans’ fears that in eyes of the world some lives are intrinsically more valuable than others.”

Kurdistance: Lebanon's Legacy?

While the world's media eye is focused on Lebanon, other potential conflicts are arising in the Middle East; but they are arising using Lebanon as the primary example for conflict justification. The Counterrorism Blog says it best: Turkey is currently making a lot of noise about launching a cross-border incursion...

China: How do you say RSS feed in Chinese again?

  18 July 2006

One day soon, when content flow between Chinese and English websites reaches a reciprocal balance, when newspapers, textbooks and bloggers everywhere go bilingual, how well-positioned will you be? It's not an easy question to answer, and keeping a foot firmly planted on the ground on both sides of the fence...

Indonesia: Tsunami Updates

  17 July 2006

Angelo Embuldeniya at worldwidehelp blog is monitoring the latest Indonesian tsunami news. “According to sources on the ground, a local tsunami measuring 2m in height hit a West Java resort where 5 people are confirmed to have died and officials have stated that the threat of the tsunami being widespread...

Indonesia: Tsunami

  17 July 2006

Crisismesh blog is reporting on the Tsunami in Indonesia caused by an eartquake in Indian Ocean. The blogger at WideImaginations feels the quake in Jakarta.

India: Bloggers react to the bomb blasts in Mumbai

  11 July 2006

Mumbai was hit by serial blasts today. Commuters in trains on one of the railway lines (Western Railway) were killed by bombs that went off in seven different trains. The blasts occured around 1825 hrs, which is the peak hour for commute in Mumbai, as office goers leave South Mumbai...