· October, 2005

Stories about Breaking News from October, 2005

Iran: Blogger in Jail

  25 October 2005

Blogger Seyyed Ahmad Seyyed Seraji has lost his appeal and is now to serve 18 months of jail (and receive 30 lashes), on charges of attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran and insulting the Supreme Leader, Shahram Kholdi reports.

Lebanese and Syrian Bloggers Early Reaction to Mehlis Report

  21 October 2005

The Lebanese Blogger Forum came to this Conclusion: There is probable cause to believe that the decision to assassinate former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, could not have been taken without the approval of topranked Syrian security official and could not have been further organized without the collusion of their counterparts...

Mexico: Hurricane Wilma Approaches

  19 October 2005

Eduardo Arcos says that the Mexican State of Quintana Roo has been put on red alert as he continues his coverage of Hurricane Wilma's approach. Alejandro, from Yucatan, writes that people are stocking up on emergency goods.

Saddam's Trial Roundup

  19 October 2005

Saddam's trial was a breaking news of the day, here is quick roundup. Some for the trial, others against. Some emotionally, others legally. Akba of IRAQ RISING says: I don't care what happens to this man. In fact I wish he were dead already. I think the majority of Iraqis...

Tunisia: Hunger Strike and Censorship

  18 October 2005

Neila Charchour Hachicha writes that the PLM’s web site, which was the unique political website accessible in Tunisia has been censored today. “However we want you to get the declaration of the 7 political personnalities who undertook today October 18th 2005 an unllimited hunger strike. We need the help of...

Hurricane Stan Update from Oscar Mota

  11 October 2005

I just got done instant messaging with Oscar Mota who has been covering hurricane Stan's destruction on Guatemala at DesdeGuate.com from his home in Guatemala City. What follows are translated excerpts from our conversation: OM: I haven't personally been affected, but already there are millions out there who are …...

Singapore: Blogger jailed for posting racist remarks

  7 October 2005

Two Singaporeans accused of posting racist remarks online have been sentenced to jail today, reports ChannelNewsAsia tonight. Benjamin Koh Seng Huat, 28, was sentenced to one month's jail, and separately, Nicholas Lim Yew, 25, was sentenced to serve one day in jail and a maximum fine of $5,000. Both were...

Saudi Arabia Blocks Blogger and Flickr, Again

Two days ago, the Internet Services Unit (ISU) at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), the governing body of the internet in Saudi Arabia, have blocked Blogger, denying users inside the country accessing their blogs. They have also blocked photos from the popular photo hosting service Flickr. Users...

Tunisian online protest blocked

  4 October 2005

As Tunisia prepares to host the controversial World Summit on the Information Society in November, Tunisian opposition activist Neila Charchour Hachicha informs Global Voices that the online freedom of speech protest site launched by Tunisians on Monday, www.yezzi.org has already been blocked by the Tunisian authorities. The online protest, called...

Bali bombings 2: Suicide bombers captured on camera

  3 October 2005

Indonesian bloggers reacted almost instantly hearing the news of another bombs explodes in Bali. Google Blogsearch recorded 157 blogs in Indonesian language posting about Bali Bombing on 1st October just after the series of bombs exploded on 6.50 pm Jakarta's time or 7.50 Bali's time. Most offers condolences for the...

Bali bombings: Bloggers respond

  2 October 2005

Bali Blog has an eyewitness account from a man named Nick who was not far from the blast. Javajive (written by an American living in Java) says Indonesian TV has been playing the amateur pre-blast restaurant video over and over again: The T.V. stations have put together one of their...