· July, 2005

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BBC statement on Afghan blogger threats

The Committee to Protect Bloggers recently received the following statement from the BBC in response to complaints by Afghan Blogger Sohrab Kabuli that somebody has been using a BBC computer to threaten him. The statement was sent by Mike Gardner, Head of Media Relations at BBC World Service: The BBC...

Egyptian Bloggers Against Terrorism

  24 July 2005

(Photo from OneArabWorld.) Karim Eslahy has posted a link to photos of Sunday's demonstration against terrorism organized by Egyptian bloggers. We're still trying to confirm how many people attended, but Karim reports: “Very small turnout and the cops made them leave but proportionally significant coverage nonetheless.” Attendees included The Big...

Iraqi blogger Khalid Jarrar is freed

Iraqi blogger Khalid Jarrar, whose detention by the Iraqi secret police we reported last week, has now been released according to his brother Raed and his mother Faiza. The Jarrar family were never big fans of the U.S. presence in Iraq. This experience appears to have made them even less...

Smartphone+Bluetooth: Ghanaian Video Blogging Paradise

  19 July 2005

A few moments after I posted my blog entry about the potential use of smart phones and Bluetooth wireless as a workaround for Ghanaian video bloggers, lo and behold I was approached by Lebanese blogger Mustapha, who introduced himself and sat down to chat, one Mac owner to another. He then pointed out he had the new Handspring Treo 650 smart phone, which just so happens has both video and Bluetooth capabilities. Lightbulbs went off, and in a matter of a few minutes we were able to post the following video clip. I wonder if it's the first smart phone video blog entry from Ghana?

Smart Phone Video Blog Test

Andy and Mustapha try video blogging from Ghana with a smart phone:
Low bandwidth clip
Medium bandwidth clip

Khalid Jarrar: Iraqi blogger detained

Blogger Khalid Jarrar, author of Secrets in Baghdad, remains in custody of the Iraqi intelligence service, known as the Mukhabarat. As we reported yesterday, Khalid's brother Raed says their family was relieved to hear on Thursday morning that Khalid is still alive after going missing for two days. On Sunday,...

Is it a Muslim Problem?

  10 July 2005

After the London blasts, Jeff Jarvis said he is not sure if the Western world is dealing with the problem of terrorism directly. However, he thinks that Tom Friedman has made it clearer when he said, “it's a Muslim problem, it needs a Muslim solution.” Humoud Abu-Talib, writing for Al-Watan...

Zaid Hassan's response to the London bombings

  8 July 2005

Our friend Zaid Hassan – one of the folks behind the Pioneers of Change social entrepreneurship project – posts his reflections as a Londoner and a Muslim on the July 7th bombings: At the mosque this afternoon there were two police-women standing outside, in fluorescent bright yellow-jackets. One was quite...

Muslim Blogosphere Reacts to London Blast

We hope that multi-lingual bridge-bloggers can help translate more of what bloggers are saying in Arabic, Farsi and other languages. (If you have done so please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post.) Meanwhile, here is what has come through our aggregator in English...

London blast blogging

  7 July 2005

(Image by “alfie” posted at moblog.co.uk) Thanks to Erica George for pointing us to this Livejournal Community devoted to information sharing in the aftermath of today's bomb blasts in London. DoWire.org has put together a “London Responds” wiki. Metroblogging London has been going all day, as have thousands of other...

More on the BBC investigation of Afghan blogger threats

  6 July 2005

The BBC continues to investigate claims by Afghan blogger Sohrab Kabuli that somebody has been threatening him from within the BBC computer system. Here is the latest statement from the BBC: “The BBC has been investigating a serious allegation that offensive e-mails were sent from one of its staff members...

Global Voices meets the Mainstream Media

  5 July 2005

Global Voices bloggers are showing up everywhere in the mainstream media these days! American Public Media's syndicated radio show, “Future Tense”, focuses on our project today. You can listen to the show online (in RealAudio) or, if you're in the US or Canada, tune in for the show. (Future Tense...

Threats against Afghan blogger

  5 July 2005

This post has been removed at the request of the Afghan blogger involved, as new information has come to light substantially changing the story. The post concerned the following: “Sohrab Kabuli“, Afghan blogger and winner of the Freedom Blog Award for his Farsi blog, Shared Pains, has been getting death...

Chinese bloggers react to registration deadline

  2 July 2005

Laohumiao (老虎庙) at 24HoursOnline describes his frustrating efforts to figure out whether and how he should register, given that his blog is hosted on Blogbus, which is registered as his blog's host domain. (Laohumiao's blog is thus a subdomain, at http://24hour.blogbus.com.) According to our recent interview with Isaac Mao, who...

More Africans – and Afrophiles – on Live8

  1 July 2005

Imnakoya, a Nigerian living in Minnesota and blogging at Grandiose Parlor wishes fellow African bloggers would seize the opporunities presented by Live8: “…many Africans are not in unison on this matter either- critisicm abound over the Blogoshere among African bloggers, and this is fine. However, Live8 will generate a more...