· March, 2005

Stories about Breaking News from March, 2005

Malaysian Minister VOWS faster and cheaper broadband

  31 March 2005

The Colours of a Little Part of Asia – A South East Asian blogging story by Mack Zulkifli It appeared shortly after Rebecca MacKinnon interviewed Jeff Ooi and this blogger in IRC. One of the things I had remarked upon was that the rate of infrastructural development for internet services,...

Elina Karakulova in Bishkek

  30 March 2005

The recent events in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, have been somewhat difficult for outside observers to understand. Unlike the Orange revolution in Ukraine, where sustained, widespread opposition protests led to the overturning of fraudulent election results and a new government, a very rapid series of events following parliamentary elections caused Askar Akaev's...

The China situation: Q&A with Isaac Mao

  21 March 2005

Chinese blogger Isaac Mao has been watching the latest crackdown on internet bulletin boards and website registration with great concern. I e-mailed him some questions which he was kind enough to answer: Rebecca: Up until now bulletin boards have remained the number-one way that Chinese communicate on the internet. Will...

Chinese protest BBS crackdown

  20 March 2005

Photos: 2005.3.18 Fete-Day for SMTH BBS on Community.webshots.com Xiao Qiang reports at China Digital Times that Chinese students have been protesting vigorously online – and more cautiously offline – after Chinese authorities began restricting access to some of China's most influential online bulletin boards . Xiao reports: From March 16,...

Blog libel suit in India

  16 March 2005

Mediaah! is no more. The controversial media criticism weblog, run by Pradyuman Maheshwari, editor of the Maharashtra Herald in Pune, promoted itself as a “brutally unbiased” critic of Indian media, especially the massive Times of India. With the tagline, “The Media's Media. No-holds-barred news and commentary on the Indian media”,...