· September, 2008

Stories about Arts & Culture from September, 2008

Lusosphere: Saramago, 85 years, Nobel Laureate, Blogger

  24 September 2008

A week ago, the 1998 Nobel Prize winner for literature - the first and only Portuguese language writer - started his own blog: Saramago's Notebook, which he describes as his "infinite page on the Internet", has been welcomed by bloggers from many Portuguese speaking countries. But what does it take to become a blogger?

Palestine: Ramallah bling

  24 September 2008

In the West Bank, Alajnabiya describes shopping for her daughter's wedding: “The problem is that I like looking at this stuff, but I really want to buy it and hang it on the wall to look at, not wear!”

Trinidad & Tobago: Film Festival

  24 September 2008

“We need a film festival like America needs to not vote for McCain,” says Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer, but warns: “It shouldn’t just be about film as business. What about art for art’s sake? Money can’t be the only thing that motivates our capacity to create.”

Japan: Maga on War and Japan

  24 September 2008

Japan Focus just published a translation of one of Mizuki Shigeru’s short manga pieces, entitled “War and Japan“, with a brief introduction to the man and his work written by Matthew Penney. via Mutant Travelogue.

Deaf Awareness Week: Striving for Quality Education

  24 September 2008

On this second part of the Deaf Awareness Week posts (part one), we bring you a perspective on education for the deaf, and the different challenges it implies. First, from the Central African Republic, a school that after funds stopped, has continued fueled only by love. Second, from the Philippines,...

Nepal: Testing time for the new government

  23 September 2008

ABC blog reports that the new Maoist government had to take back their decision of reducing the budget on traditional Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist rituals of sacrificing animals because of protests. “Unless they abstain from coercing people to behave according to the party guidelines, even such positive and pious intentions...

Jordan: Exciting Games

  23 September 2008

“Games don't impress me much. They're all the same to me. If you've played it once, it doesn't matter how much the graphics change they all appear the same from that point onward….Unless you do something profoundly different… like Lucas Arts in this AMAZING Game…,” writes an excited Qwaider, from...

Indonesia: Lights, Camera, Elections!

  23 September 2008

Next April, Indonesian voters will elect new members of Parliament. Political parties are now quietly launching their election campaigns. What surprised (or disturbed) many Indonesians is the high number of celebrities who were named as parliamentary candidates.

Japan: Takeda Castle, the Japanese Machu Pichu

  23 September 2008

An entry entitled “Japan's Machu Pichu? The ruins of Takeda Castle, Castle to the Heavens” [ja] posted at Tomorrowearth.com has an incredible set of photos (more here, here and here) of an abandoned castle in Asago city, Hyōgo Prefecture. More pictures and a map of the castle ruins here [ja].

Ukraine, Russia: Kvas

  23 September 2008

Darkness at Noon posts an ode to kvas: “To be sure, kvas is the national drink of the East Slavic peoples. Vodka doesn't count because it is consumed largely for its well-documented medicinal benefits. Or at least this is what a local guide in Odessa recently told me. And while...

Japan: The Birth of Blog Critique

  22 September 2008

Hiroshi Yamaguchi at H-Yamaguchi.net discusses [ja] Japanese journalist, author and Internet commentator Toshinao Sasaki‘s latest book, “The Birth of Blog Critique” [ブログ論壇の誕生]. In the book, Sasaki describes the circumstances through which statements in blogs have come to genuinely affect modern Japanese society, in a variety of different contexts.

Tanzania: Tanzanian out of Big Brother Africa

  22 September 2008

The Tanzanian contestant in the Big Brother III has been evicted, “Tanzania's beautiful and sassy Latoya was evicted out of the just begun Big Brother Africa 3 challenge in SA, that country whose ruling party boss has the power to force the sitting Presidents resignation!”

Belize: Independence Day

  22 September 2008

Belizean was proud to be part of the celebrations as the country marked its 27th anniversary of Independence from Great Britain.

Deaf Awareness Week: A different type of book signing.

  22 September 2008

Did you know that most deaf people who sign, consider sign language their first language and the written language as their second? I didn't, but thanks to the dozens of videos uploaded by members of the deaf community from all over the world, I've learned about this and many other things. International Deaf Awareness Week takes place during the last week of September, so I'll be showcasing different videos from or about the deaf communities around the world.

Peru: Remembering Yurimaguas

  21 September 2008

Gabriela García Calderón of Seis de Enero [es] reminisces about the town of Yurimaguas located in northeastern Peru and home of her ancestors.

Georgia: Rock for Peace

  21 September 2008

This is Tbilisi Calling comments on Friday's free concert held in the Georgian capital by Canadian soft rock star Bryan Adams. The blog by British journalist Matthew Collin says the concert was billed as “Peace, Freedom and Democracy for Georgia,” but was ironically sponsored by a Russian-owned mining company. Adams...

Japan: DVD release by Politician Yuri Fujikawa

  20 September 2008

The upcoming release [ja] of a DVD featuring 27-year-old Japanese politician Yuri Fujikawa [藤川 優里], member of the Hachinohe city [八戸市] assembly in Aomori Prefecture [青森県], is all the talk in the forums [ja]. Back when she first joined office in January of this year, Fujikawa was called “too beautiful”...

Macedonia: Computer games have positive effect

  19 September 2008

Panta Rei writes [MKD] about a survey conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which shows that the gaming experience can have positive social, political and ethical effect. The post offers a counterargument to those who favor discrimination against gamers in the Macedonian media.